Watch: Spectrum’s first Super Bowl commercial in 6 years taking aim at T-Mobile

Spectrum debuted its first Super Bowl commercial in almost six years on Sunday in a humorous ad taking a shot at T-Mobile.

The commercial sees a mom coming home comically aghast at a giant hole in her living room wall that her husband put there because of T-Mobile’s cell service, which according to the commercial can impacted by walls.

The mom then hilariously lambastes her husband for not switching to Spectrum and for the idea of putting the hole in their wall.

That’s before her son, armed with goggles and a sledgehammer, tells her if she finds the first hole upsetting she better not go to the dining room as the camera pans to show a second hole.

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The commercial will air in two dozen Spectrum markets including New York, Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth. Spectrum wanted to target its local markets instead of a national audience.

Spectrum serves approximately 32 million customers in 41 states and has more than 3,000 employees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.