Watch: Summer-like start to weekend

Meteorologist Eric Weglarz has a look at the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

ERIC WEGLARZ: Thanks for clicking onto I'm meteorologist Eric Weglarz. A beautiful sunset tonight after a really nice day outside. Temperatures are still in the 70s as we go towards sunset, so starting to feel more like summer around here. And well, we've had a really nice day in terms of how much sun we've seen. A few puffier clouds up in the north country.

But this next ribbon of cloud cover we're watching begin to march out of the west in places like New York state, through Connecticut, and western Massachusetts. That will provide a bit of a cloudy night, overnight tonight as we go into early tomorrow morning. So our early summer preview really gets going on Saturday, and this is quickly replaced by a cooler and more cloudy stretch in the forecast as we get another area of low pressure stalling out near us. We'll talk about that in just a moment.

So this is first thing tomorrow morning. That ribbon of cloud cover to our west settles in. But with enough sunshine, this will mix out pretty fast as we go into the afternoon. Puffier clouds will build in again as we go into the afternoon.

And there is a backdoor cold front marching in out of western Maine. So watch as showers and downpours begin to bubble up just to the west of this as we go towards sunset. I think it's dry enough where we're not going to see a whole lot of widespread shower activity.

But again, you see these greens and yellows persisting in some of the same spots. So this will be a decent drink for a few areas that are still dry. And as we go into Sunday morning, the clouds will replace much of the state in terms of what's up in the sky.

So for tonight, we're down into the middle 40s for most spots. Mild evening, especially south and east. And for tomorrow, we'll call it upper 70s, Concord through Nashua, even in the Upper Valley as well. But most spots across the state above 70 degrees.

It'll be a really nice day outside. And we may approach a few records, mainly in some of the more isolated areas across the state-- Franklin, in some of the wooded areas, Epping as well, and Nashua. We will approach the record set back in the late 1800s, but I think we'll miss it, at least at this point, as we go forward tomorrow.

Sea coast beaches also in great shape too, highs in the upper 60s. And if you have plans at the beach too, keep in mind the water temperature is in the middle 40s, so still a little bit chilly. You want to keep that in mind if you're out and about tomorrow at the shoreline.

We go from the 70s to the 50s and the 60s as we go into the middle of next week. And again, that area of low pressure basically sits just to our west for a good six days straight. With that in mind, I think we'll find a mostly cloudy stretch starting on Sunday, continuing through Wednesday or Thursday of next week. There will be breaks of sun, yes. It is cooler, though.

Highs, again, right near 60s, some more seasonable. And if we are to see showers, it's going to be across the southwestern half of the state Sunday and again on Monday, with the potential for a few more showers starting Wednesday through Friday of next week.