WATCH: Sunny and cool

Meteorologist Kevin Skarupa breaks down your Tuesday morning forecast.

Video Transcript

KEVIN SKARUPA: Same weather pattern as the last couple of days. We have an area of high pressure located well offshore, while we have a low pressure system located back out through the Great Lakes. We're kind of wedged in between those. And that northeasterly flow has been bringing in some batches of clouds, at times there have been a few sprinkles or light rain shower. At other points, there's been some breaks of sunshine. And that trend will continue today. Coolest readings will be at the coastline. Highs will be in the mid 50s. But inland sections, a chance to climb as high as 65 or 66 later this afternoon.

But there'll be a lot of lower 60s, clouds, and a few sprinkles this morning, trying to give way to that thinning of cloud cover, and a few sunny breaks into the afternoon. Should feel pretty nice if you get a couple of hours of sunshine out there this afternoon. But that couple of hours of sunshine is going to be the difference between temperatures holding in the 50s this afternoon or possibly climbing into the low and mid 60s later in the day. A little bit of a break in the activity later tonight. But you will notice more clouds flare up overnight. Temperatures will drop back into the 30s to lower range of the 40s. And for your day tomorrow, again, clouds trying to give way to a few breaks of sun.

If successful, we're back above 60 degrees during the afternoon. But the cooler readings with an onshore wind will be at the coastline. As we get later into Thursday afternoon, clouds will be thickening as the next system approaches. And while most of it is in the form of rain initially, as temperatures cool Thursday night, there is the potential of switching over to some wet snow with that rain. A lot of that will be up in elevation above 1,500 feet. But as the low, which is located to our south, starts to pull away, it may wrap around just enough colder air that even down in the lower elevations through western and northern New Hampshire, may see some wet snow mixing in.

Soil temperatures are pretty warm, so it would have to come down really hard for it to accumulate. Anything that you do see would likely melt during the day Saturday anyway. That system would pull away during the day on Saturday. There'll be a cool breeze with temperatures in the 40s to lower half of the 50s. And then partly sunny skies and a stretch that will begin on Sunday, looks to continue through most of next week as well. Here's a look at your 7-day forecast, which has the temperatures in the 50s to lower 60s, depending on how much sunshine you grab during the next couple of afternoons.

As the clouds thicken Thursday, rainfall developing late in the day and into Thursday night. That could be mixing with a little bit of wet snow in western and northern New Hampshire, especially up in elevation during the daylight hours on Friday. Lingering shower early Saturday, but partly sunny skies otherwise for the weekend.