Watch the Tesla Cybertruck Use 4-Wheel Steering to Make a Super-Tight Turn

As the Tesla Cybertruck nears production we’re finally coming to a better understanding of what it will be able to do.

Late Friday, a video was posted to Twitter showing the eagerly anticipated electric pickup truck’s four-wheel steering in action. The clip, which has already been viewed over seven million times as of this writing, shows just how agile the hulking EV will be.

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We’ve known that the Cybertruck would have four-wheel steering for more than a year now, but the video posted by Twitter user @Tokyotesla1 offers the best look yet at the feature. In the footage, which appears to have been shot during a private demonstration, you can see the EV being maneuvered around an empty factory floor. As the electric bruiser passes by a pillar, it begins to execute a particularly sharp turn, during which it’s clear that both sets of wheels are angled in different directions allowing for a much tighter circumference.

Both the front and rear axles can be turned on a vehicle with four-wheel (or rear-wheel) steering. The technology is not new—it’s actually been around since the 1890s—but it is still relatively rare. It is also available on one of Cybertruck’s main competitors, the GMC Hummer EV. When the feature was first mentioned, Musk claimed it would allow his company’s EV to “drive diagonally like a crab,” just like its rival.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded on Saturday to a retweet of the four-wheel steering video, though he did not address the feature. “Very hard car to build, as it is unlike any other, but, as stated publicly, Cybertruck production starts this year,” he wrote.

The Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck

It’s easy to be skeptical of any timetable Musk mentions for the Cybertruck, but the video is the most convincing evidence yet that production will begin later this year. That doesn’t mean the truck will be readily available in 2023, though. Last month, during a Q&A with investors, the executive said that volume production will not begin until next year at the earliest.

Expect more details about the Cybertruck, including everything it can do and how much it will cost, as the start of production nears.

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