Watch the 'Toe Bro' Remove an 'Ombre' of Toenail Fungus From a Patient's Foot

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• In his latest Instagram video, chiropidist Jonathan Tomines-the 'Toe Bro'-tackles an extreme case of toenail fungus.
• The case is so extreme that it necessitates a full removal of the toenail.
• After removing the nail, Tomines discovers the true extent of the fungal infection.

In a new Instagram video, chiropodist and YouTube personality Jonathan Tomines-aka, the Toe Bro-demonstrates how to treat a rather extreme case of nail fungus occupying a patient's big toe. As he puts it in the caption: "The patient and I decided that a full nail removal was the right decision to start fresh with a new fungus-free nail-however, what we find beneath the nail might derail that plan."

As Tomines notes in a series of captions, he runs into some difficulty separating the nail from the toe, which requires trimming it in half to make it easier to remove. After using a small pair of scissors-which are more akin to pliars-to slice through the nail, he realizes the procedure will be more complicated than it seemed on the surface. The infection runs much deeper, with a thick buildup of gunk underneath the toe itself.

While it's unclear from the video what's ahead for this patient, you can easily avoid the same fate. Toenail fungus is common, according to the Mayo Clinic, and often manifests with thickened, brittle, distorted growths on the nail itself. It can affect fingernails, too, but more often occurs on toenails. If you're dealing with a case of it yourself, it's best to consult a podiatrist who can prescribe medication to deal with the problem.

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