WATCH: Trump posts his version of '60 Minutes' interview

President Trump uploaded a cut of his "60 Minutes" segment to Facebook on Thursday before its Sunday evening broadcast on CBS. Trump this week abruptly ended his interview with Lesley Stahl and walked off camera.

Video Transcript

LESLEY STAHL: I didn't want to have this kind of interview.

DONALD TRUMP: Of course you did.

LESLEY STAHL: No, I didn't.

DONALD TRUMP: Of course, you did.

LESLEY STAHL: No, I didn't.

DONALD TRUMP: Well, then you brought up a lot of subjects that--

LESLEY STAHL: Well, I said--

DONALD TRUMP: --were inappropriately--

LESLEY STAHL: --I was going to ask you tough questions.

DONALD TRUMP: --brought up. They were inappropriately brought up right from the beginning. Your first question was, this is going to be tough questions. Well--


DONALD TRUMP: When you set up the inter-- your first statement was--

LESLEY STAHL: You're president. Don't you think you--

DONALD TRUMP: Excuse me. No, no, no.

LESLEY STAHL: --should be accountable to the American people?

DONALD TRUMP: Listen, your first statement to me-- this is going to be tough questions. Well, I don't mind that. But when you set up the interview, you didn't say that. You said, oh, let's have a lovely interview. And here's what I do say--


DONALD TRUMP: --you don't ask Joe Biden. I saw your interview with Joe-- the interview, with Joe Biden.

LESLEY STAHL: I never did a Joe Biden interview.

DONALD TRUMP: It was a joke, the interview, "60 Minutes." I see Joe Biden given softball after softball. I've seen all of his interviews. He's never been asked a question that's hard.

LESLEY STAHL: OK. But forget him for a minute.

DONALD TRUMP: No. But you start with me.

LESLEY STAHL: You're president. You're president. And--

DONALD TRUMP: Excuse me, Leslie, you started with me. Your first statement was, are you ready for tough questions?


DONALD TRUMP: That's no way to talk. That's no way to talk.

- Leslie, one second. We're-- this is the first warning. I we have five minutes until we have the vice president step in. Is that about right?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I think we have enough. Really, we have enough of [INAUDIBLE].

- So I think we're ready for the vice president now.

DONALD TRUMP: I think we have enough of an interview here. OK? That's enough. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go meet for two seconds, OK?

- OK.

DONALD TRUMP: Thanks. I'll see you later. Thanks.