Watch this unhinged bully stomp all over pro-life signs at Ohio State [VIDEO]

Here’s some amazing (mostly) raw video of an angry woman on the campus of Ohio State University as she destroys and stomps all over a bunch of posters filled with fetuses.

It’s hard to believe the video isn’t some strange hoax. It was put on YouTube by a strongly anti-abortion group called Created Equal, which has a post office box in Columbus.

The Daily Caller verified that the police are investigating damage and vandalism to “Pro-Life sign boards with pictures of aborted babies (approximately 2′x3′ in size).” The police report indicates that witnesses allege that the incident occurred near the school’s Thompson Library on the west end of “The Oval,” OSU’s central green.

Near the beginning of the video, we see the unidentified woman tearing up and stepping on triangular poster board images of fetuses.

A graphic appears with a date of April 2, 2013. “Just after setup,” it also says.

The video lasts a grand total of one minute and 10 seconds. The abortion-sign assailant manages to step on no less than five double-sided posters during that time, and much of the video’s running time is taken up with a rhetorical question at the beginning and a fundraising appeal at the end.

“You want an overpopulated earth?” the fuming, pro-abortion woman asks. “You want to keep paying taxes for babies that are born to crackheads?”

The enraged emphasis on the word “crackheads” is very nearly poetic.

“You really want that?” she continues, as she aggressively trounces more signage filled with unborn babies.

“You really want a population of people that were born on drugs — that are born into welfare?” she asks incredulously, as she uses her foot to crush the image of a tiny, bloody fetus — its head smaller than a quarter.

“You want to keep paying for that shit?” she asks? “Because I don’t.”



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Watch this unhinged bully stomp all over pro-life signs at Ohio State [VIDEO]

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