WATCH: Warm temps heading into weekend

Meteorologist Kevin Skarupa breaks down your Friday morning forecast

Video Transcript

KEVIN SKARUPA: A lot of sunshine again expected today. This will be with the coolest readings right at the shoreline. Temperatures mainly in the 50s, but inland sections, 60s to some lower 70s this afternoon. There is a next system slowly approaching and we have been talking about this week the very slow movement pattern. You can see this system here not expecting to arrive in Southern areas until sometime Sunday. So out ahead of that, we have a couple of milder afternoons still to go. Temperatures will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s at the coastline, you won't have to go far inland to get above 70 degrees today and may be as warm as 75 in a couple of Western areas later on this afternoon.

A warm day for this time of year as temperatures run 15 to 20 degrees above the average. One more day of this tomorrow after a little bit of fog later on tonight. But partial sunshine expected for your day on Saturday to do the same temperatures all over again. It does look like we will continue to see the milder temperatures give way to cooler readings. You have to bear in mind the ocean water temperatures are only in the mid-40s and so any more of a sustained breeze ahead of the next system, will bring in some cooler air.

We're talking highs only in the 50s on Sunday. This will be with the best chance of showers in Southern parts of the state. You could see the drier air kind of winds out up North out of the system. So if you have plans for the weekend, you live outdoor-- live up North, you are looking at the better chance of being outdoors with brighter skies on Saturday. We'll have quite a few more clouds around Sunday and a minimal chance of a shower.

There will be some shower activity around in Southern parts of the state of and on. And as you're going to notice as we go through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, a mostly cloudy sky. Along with it we're not going to be able to rule out a couple of showers, but we are looking at cooler temperatures going forward after a couple of more mild afternoon's. Highs mainly next week will be in the 50s, 60s to lower 70s. Again cooler up mid and upper-50s right at the coastline this afternoon.

And then tonight we drop back into the 40s. Patchy fog is a possibility. And here's a look at your seven-day forecast which again has a lot more clouds around going forward and some cooler temperatures, but still above the average for this time of year heading into the middle of next week.