Watch: Warmer temps next few days

Watch: Warmer temps next few days

Video Transcript

- Thank you very much for joining us, Stormwatch 9 Weather On The Web. It's a Sunday and temperatures, yeah they've been chilly over the last couple of days. Of course, you don't need me to tell you about the snow and the very chilly weather we had on Friday. Yesterday, slightly higher temperatures but that warming trend looks to roll on for the next few days.

Now as for the Sunday, clouds, some partial sunshine, a slight chance, about maybe 20% in any one given spot that there could be a passing shower. It will turn even warmer over the next few days with the best chance of showers coming in on Wednesday, mainly in the afternoon and during the evening. Although there could be an isolated shower during Monday and also on Tuesday, but some partial sunshine, as well.

As for today. Again keep in mind yesterday stuck in the upper 40s to the lower 50s today we're going to make a run at near 51 or two far north. Lower 50s at the coast, and inland upper 50s, maybe with enough sun near 60, but many topping off right near the average for this time of year, which sits at 58 in Concord.

Notice on satellite imagery, quite a storm stuck in place over the Canadian maritimes, but a lot of the moisture will remain well off to our east. There are a couple of passing showers that are developing in upstate New York, and that disturbance does move overhead today. So partial sunshine, clouds bubble up again, and a slight chance of a passing shower.

Skies clear out later on tonight and will cool back into the upper 20s to the mid to upper 30s, and for tomorrow, your Monday, partly sunny. About a 20% chance of a pop-up shower during the afternoon. But look at those temperatures climbing above the average. Upper 50s north, upper 50s, near 60 at the coast, and lower to mid 60s for many other parts of the Granite State.

Looking ahead, notice that temperature trend continues higher. Mid-upper 60s near 70 on Tuesday, partial sun. Could be a passing shower and a better chance of some rain coming in on Wednesday in the best shot during the afternoon. Still quite mild, then breezy. Much cooler. For Thursday, temperatures do head a little bit higher. Back to normal by the start of next weekend.