Watch: What On Earth Is Sarah Palin Saying In This Part Of Her Speech Supporting Donald Trump?

Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin last night leant her support to presidential hopeful Donald Trump in her own inimitable way.

But what got people talking was not just Palin’s exuberant delivery at the rally in Iowa, or Trump’s muted reaction as he watched - but a brief segment in the speech.

A Vine showing the moment in question sees Palin say… something - although no one is quite sure what:

The odd word can be made out - “right winging, bitter clinging” is one choice phrase and we definitely heard the word “guns” in there, too.

But we can’t for the life of us work out what she’s saying or what point she’s trying to get across or whether it was part of her speech or just a fluff of her lines.

Vine poster DopeItStorm wrote: “Sarah Palin summed up Donald Trump supporters better than any of us have been able to do so far, I’ll give her that.”

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Twitter user jrodriguez713 posted the Vine on his page, writing: "I’ve watched this at least ten times and I’m still trying to interpret what language this is in.”

That makes him and the rest of the world - probably Donald Trump, as well.

Palin is one of the biggest names to come out in support of the controversial businessman, who is seemingly the frontrunner to be the official Republican candidate for the presidency.

She threw her hat in the ring to be the vice-presidential candidate in 2012, alongside presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.