Water conservation in wake of drought

AccuWeather's Emmy Victor was in Nevada, amidst a drought, to talk about conserving water.

Video Transcript

- New tonight, a drought has left several states scrambling to conserve water. 50,000 residents in Minot, North Dakota are being told to only use water when it's essential. AccuWeather's Emmy Victor is live there in Minot with all the details. Emmy.

EMMY VICTOR: Well, Adam, good evening. It's been nine days since residents here were told only to use water if they have to. Now, under this mandatory water restriction, people are told to be avoiding watering their cars and washing their-- watering their cars and washing their lawns, pardon me. The rules are in an effort to conserve water for the 50,000 residents that rely on the city's water.

The dry weather has led to more people using water to cool off or protect their grass and some of their plants. Water usage was up recently 2 million gallons a day last week.

JASON SORENSON: Going into the weekend, we had less than five feet of water in our ground storage reservoirs. They generally hold about 25 feet of water to the overflow. So we're playing with our last 15% or so of our storage capacity.

EMMY VICTOR: And since those restrictions started, they have seen levels rise by 50-- excuse me, drop by 50,000 gallons a day, but there certainly is still a lot more work to do. There was some rain this weekend, that certainly did help. Their ultimate hope is to lift this water restriction tomorrow.

But however, city leaders I spoke with say that they are prepared to put it back if they don't see much improvement. Adam back to you.