Water distribution sites pop up to help suffering residents

Thank you, Breggy! The Astros' star is again stepping up to help out Houstonians. Here's what to know if you're in need.

Video Transcript

- Welcome back. If you joined us a little bit earlier, you know that Mayor Sylvester Turner talked about power being restored to the vast majority of people. Centerpoint and ERCOT talked about that earlier this morning, a vast improvement there, which is certainly terrific. Also, the water pressure is improving. However, that boil water notice is still in effect for the city of Houston, many parts of Harris County as well.

Map from Harris County Public health, shaded areas include Tomball, Webster, Baytown, many of the Houston's surrounding counties are also under the boil water notice. If you're under a notice here, you should bring your tap water to a rolling boil and then let it go for a couple of minutes before drinking that water. There's plenty of bottled water as well, lots of distribution sites. There at Delmar Stadium, they're handing out cases and cases of water.

And you can see that picture right there. Now to help get water to people, local governments really distributing water to anyone who needs it. And this is that look at Delmar Stadium, which is just a Mangum and West Houston, Northwest Houston. People beginning to line up just before the sun came up.

- I've been here since 5 o'clock. And I've been on the road since 6:00. And I know it's 11:30, but I'm going to sit here until-- I mean, I have no choice. All the stores in my area are out of water.

- I've only been eating sardines the past couple of days. And I don't have food.

- Wow. So you can hear that people's trouble there. Water, they need water. Due to so many people showing up ahead of time, the gates actually opened up just a little bit earlier. Harris County Precinct 2 is also distributing free water.

Map showing six locations where you can pick up water for you and your family. And these locations, you must bring your own container. This water will still need to be boiled before it is used, so they're giving water that needs to be boiled. You can really get water in your own house now, just boil that because all water is currently on, according to the city, just lower pressure. But eventually, that pressure will increase.