Water main break repaired south of Grand and Prince streets

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Dec. 31—A water main break just south of the intersection of Grand Avenue and Prince Street caused a closure of southbound Prince Wednesday.

Matt Atwood, EPCOR water company Senior Communications Advisor said the leak was "on a four inch water main near the intersection of North Prince Street and Grand Avenue."

Atwood said the leak impacted three businesses for about an hour while repairs were made.

"The pipe has since been repaired and services have been restored," Atwood said. "The pipe was repaired using a full circle repair clamp. The break was most likely caused by severe freezing temps followed by warmer temps. When this occurs, the ground will contract and expand around the pipe."

"The city of Clovis provided traffic control signs," Mark Huerta, Clovis Operations Manager for EPCOR said.

An EPCOR crew was on the scene of the break Wednesday morning having broken through the pavement and digging a hole to the damaged pipe. The hole leaking water could be seen as workers prepared to make the repair.

Clint Bunch, Public Works Director for the city of Clovis said street department personnel discovered the break.

"The water was freezing when they found it so our crew salted and sanded the area before an EPCOR crew arrived," Bunch said.