Water Park’s alleged mass sexual assault under scrutiny

Shana Genever

Ho Tay Water Park outside Vietnam was filled to capacity earlier this month, when the park announced a day of free entry earlier this month. Unfortunately, the women at the park reported having a harrowing time, as the more than 70 men allegedly assaulted, scratched and inappropriately touched them.

According to reports, women accused the men of pushing their heads under the water. Some women were forcefully disrobed and sexually molested.

CNN reported that at least 20 women were sexually assaulted.

First to Know published some of the Facebook posts from witnesses and victims:

“We were holding onto the swim ring at the lazy river for about 3 minutes. Then we heard a commotion at the back, as we turned around we saw hundreds of boys crowded the whole river, screaming and going towards the three of us. I was shock and choked on water, many arms pushed my head down. I felt my breast and my private area being grab and pull and scratch very painful, my butt was groped too. My bikini top was pull up to my neck and the bottom was pull till my knee. Even though i was choking, but i felt clearly someone was fingering me, my legs was spread apart. My head was still pressed down, I was out of breath and I thought I was going to drown. The water go up my nose to my brain, my throat. Those arms scratch and pull me up, my head hit the coping. Then there was people grab my hair, my arm to pull out of the swimming pool. I was coughing really hard so I didn’t even realize I was completely naked…(sic)”

“I was swimming in the lazy river with my friends. Behind us, all the boys kept splashing water like crazy, we were so freak out that all of us decided to go out of the river. As we just got out, one of my friend, who were still near the river, were pulled down and dragged to the centre of the river and was being splashed water and her head was pressed down. We saw our friend being surrounded by bunches of guys, we kept crying and called out: please help my friend, someone please help my friend. Around us, people kept on using phone to record and laugh like they were at the circus (sic)”.

“My sister went with her friends. When they came back, they were crying their eyes out. Their necks, shoulders and thighs are full of scratches and bruises.”

“It was too crowded so my boyfriend and I just played near the swimming pool coping. Suddenly I saw on my boyfriend head some milky fluid, when I touched, it was slippery and a bit thick. I dragged my boyfriend out of the pool immediately and asked him to wash his hair and we went home right after. Those animals masturbated in the swimming pool.(sic)”

The park’s Vice Managing Director has denied the incident.

A psychologist asked to comment on the incident blamed the women:

“First thing first about this issue, the one who should be blamed the most are the girls, in the environment where people are naked 80% or more, the action [referring to molestation and rape] is inevitable.”

A woman named Fiona Davidson has started a petition to impose strict sentences on the perpetrators.


Image source: Facebook