Hot weather headed for North Texas with summer’s first 100-degree days this weekend

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It’s about to get hot in North Texas.

And, it could be that way for several days, according to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

Weather forecasters are predicting that daytime temperatures will reach 98 on Saturday, and then it hits 100 degrees on Sunday.

“We are going to dry up and get pretty warm,” said meteorologist Allison Prater with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth on Wednesday.

North Texans will have a few days of warm temperatures. The high temperature on Wednesday should be about 90, and there’s a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms on Wednesday afternoon.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued an Ozone Action Day on Wednesday for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Air quality could become unhealthy.

Daytime temperatures on Thursday and Friday should be in the mid-90s in North Texas.

But hot and humid conditions, typical for late July, return this weekend as temperatures will reach into the upper 90s on Saturday.

Forecasters say it should be 100 degrees on Sunday, and that could be the high for several days. Heat index values which is what it “feels like” might be 99 to 105 on Sunday and early next week.

The last 100 degree day in North Texas was 106 on Aug. 29, 2020, according to the NWS in Fort Worth.

The hot weather is because a strong upper level high pressure system is expected to expand across the central and southern United States, according to the NWS in Fort Worth.

Officials at the NWS in Fort Worth recommend that residents take frequent breaks in the shade or in air-conditioning, dress light, protect against the sun’s rays and stay hydrated.