Water, water everywhere: Watch models strut down a very wet runway at Miami Swim Week

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Pretty Little Thing swimwear brand celebrated everybody in its runway show Sunday at Temple House in Miami Beach during Paraiso Miami Swim Week.

And by everybody, we mean every body.

Models came down the waterlogged runway in all shapes and sizes.

The 28 participants included transgender stars Tokyo Styles and Gia Gunn; pregnant fitness model Bruna Lima; and disability activist Anna Sarol, who rolled down in a wheelchair.

The super inclusive spectacle, featuring 40 looks ranging in sizes 4 to 30, opened with a waterfall at the end of the stage, bathed in a purple glow.

“Be the light inside yourself; we’re representing the #EverybodyinPLT movement and flying the flag for all things body positive, self love and acceptance,” says a female emcee over the loudspeaker. “Here’s to building each other up and never tearing others down. The beach gonna be ready for whatever body you’re about to serve it this summer. Confidence looks good on you.”

You can watch the whole 20-minute plus clip on YouTube, which first carries the warning: “Your device needs to cool down before watching this hot content.”

Swimsuit models walked down the runway in Miami Beach wearing just tape. Yes, tape

The catwalk was already sopping by the time the first model snaked out, writhing around in a giant puddle, deftly moving like acrobat meets Olympic gymnast. Then more and more women navigated the slippery stage, strutting their fine selves through giant puddles like a boss.

The impressive display was reminiscent of the famous scene in 1983’s “Flashdance,” when star Jennifer Beal (welder by day/stripper by night) has a bucket of water dumped from above and shakes her soaked moneymaker all over gawkers in the club.

And to answer your question, despite the questionable safety issues, no one was hurt during the making of this show.

“No one slipped,” a spokeswoman for the event told the Miami Herald. “They removed the water after the show during the afterparty. The runway had a lip to hold the water in and afterwards.”

She added that rapper Burna Boy later performed and the stage was completely dry.

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