Water Woes As Beverly Businesses And Residents Go Without It Again

CBS 2's Tara Molina reports neither the city nor ComEd are providing answers after problems at a nearby pumping station are leaving people without water.

Video Transcript

- Tara Molina is always investigating. She is live at the station. And Tara, some have lost their water three times now.

- Erica, three times in the past six weeks. Most recently this past week. We heard from business owners today who want real answers from the city, but city officials keep playing the blame game.

- Got two sandwich. Sandwich is with everything

- Here since 1960.

- It's a little institution in Beverly.

- The people at Janssen's drive-in know how to roll with the punches. But no water than a boil water order.

- You do lose revenue and inconvenience to the customer.

- Owner Gus Pettas says they found safe ways to stay open through the issues.

- We have to adjust you know, our funding, our cookie procedures. Making soups for the day, we have to eliminate that.

- Now he wants the city to find out what the problem is and make sure it doesn't affect them again. We know thousands of Beverly and Morgan Park residents and business owners feel the same way. We talk to them when the water went out again Tuesday.

- We don't feel we have enough communication.

- But the city's water department still doesn't have answers for residents or business owners like Gus. A spokesperson told me they're still investigating what they call recent power issues at Roseland. Issues ComEd claims don't exist.

We doubled back with them today. A spokesperson told me again there was no loss of power to the station earlier this month or this week when it failed. The city has acknowledged that.

- 94.

- Regardless of where the problem lies, Gus says they need to figure out what's going on at the 100-year-old station sooner rather than later.

- They have to do a little better planning in the infrastructure. You know, we'll pay enough for our water bill. You know, property tax so there's no need for that.

- I checked in with the Illinois EPA again today. We know they're working closely with the water department to make sure these outages don't affect water quality here. A spokesperson did assure me that right now, those levels are still looking good. Reporting live in Roseland, I'm Tara Molina CBS 2 News. Erica.

- Thank you, Tara.