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Water World Is Ready For The Summer, Opens To The Public

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It's one more sign Colorado is on its way to a comeback.

Video Transcript

- Well, Colorado is clearly making a comeback. Waterworld opened fully this morning. Our Justin Adams was there for all the excitement.

JUSTIN ADAMS: The wait is finally over as the largest family water park in the nation is back open.

- The summer bummer of last year is over.

JUSTIN ADAMS: The smiles from kids both young and old were at Waterworld. Like this family came all the way from Kansas.

- We come together to hang out and enjoy each other's company and do some waterslides.

- I like to dive underwater.

JUSTIN ADAMS: The pandemic closed Waterworld for the first time in 18 months. It was the first time the doors were closed in its 41 year history. And the impact was felt everywhere.

- Waterworld is a community owned park so all the revenues that we make here stay right here in the community and they pay for football, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, everything else that we subsidize here in the community.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Now with the pools up and running there will be several COVID protocols in place like social distancing and hand sanitizer stations. There will also be two new welcome additions to the park.

- We've got Centennial Basin and Roaring Forks and those are going to be two attractions that we'll be introducing in a few weeks. Roaring Forks is dueling hydro magnetic water coasters and Centennial Basin is a drop attraction into the Colorado seal.

JUSTIN ADAMS: To enjoy some time in the water park, they do ask that you buy your tickets online. Also, there isn't a reservation system so you could show up at any time. The park is also going to be open from now until Labor Day. We're going to have more information on our website at CBSdenver.com. In Federal Heights, Justin Adams. Covering Colorado First.