Water World Reopening Memorial Day Weekend

Water World is opening for the season beginning Memorial Day weekend -- and it has two new attractions.

Video Transcript

- And good news for staying cool this summer. Water World will be opening Memorial Day weekend. It has been a COVID testing site for months. Now it's looking to hire hundreds of people.

Tonight, Tori Mason showing us why that process is different this time around.

CALEB MILLER: Telling them that we weren't going to open and that they're better off finding different jobs for the year was a big bummer.

TORI MASON: Caleb Miller is one of thousands who got their first job at Water World. Caleb was turning 15 when he applied, and he's been there every summer since.

CALEB MILLER: Every year except last year, yep.

TORI MASON: When COVID closed the park in 2020, Caleb filled his summer with housekeeping. In a couple of months, he'll see fewer guests but the same amount of co-workers.

JOANN CORTEZ: We hire about 1,000 local kids, and that's not going to change.

TORI MASON: Joann Cortez, spokesperson for Water World, says the park plans to operate at half capacity by mid-July.

JOANN CORTEZ: We're reaching out to the kids that we had hired last year. So we're hoping to hear from them.

TORI MASON: Up the road, Elitch Gardens is looking to hire 1,500 people.

Summer workers like Caleb say they trust their employer's dedication to safety.

JOANN CORTEZ: The operational plan was accepted in its entirety by the county and by the health department.

TORI MASON: Caleb doesn't plan to work at Water World forever, but after missing one summer, he's grateful to return-- and happy for every teen getting their first job.

CALEB MILLER: I have a whole lot to owe, thanks to this water park, this amusement park.

TORI MASON: Water World is currently accepting job applications through their website. And they tell me they're actually looking for more people to apply. We have more information on how to do that, as well as their reopening guidelines on cbsdenver.com.

I'm Tori Mason, covering Colorado First.