Waukegan free diaper event helps mothers in need in honor of Marlen Ochoa Lopez

Free diapers and wipes were handed out in Waukegan to mothers in need in honor of Ochoa Lopez.

Video Transcript

- A new effort in honor of a murder victim that will help mothers in need. Marlen Ochoa-Lopez was killed in 2019 when she went to a home on Chicago's South side thinking she was going to pick up free baby clothes. Instead, she was murdered. And her unborn child was removed from her womb. And he later died.

Today in Waukegan, free diapers and wipes were given to mothers in need in honor of Ochoa-Lopez. Organizers say they were planting a seed of kindness.

- Possibly, the individuals that caused her this brutal harm and to her infant child, if they had some kindness in their heart, maybe they wouldn't have hurt her.

- The Lopez family hopes to do this type of giveaway three times a year. And the three people charged in connection with the murder of Ochoa-Lopez, and her son, Clarissa Figueroa, Desiree Figueroa, and Peter Bobak are all due in court next Thursday.