Man waves American flag in all 50 states

Man waves American flag in all 50 states

God bless America!

Two years ago, Howard Li, a 21-year-old from Houston, Texas, had a simple idea: to visit all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and film himself waving the American flag at each stop.

It took him nearly two years, but Li, now 24, achieved his goal, capturing his patriotic road trip in a two-minute video.

In it, Li is seen proudly waving the small flag in front of various U.S. landmarks (Seattle's Pike Place Market, New York City's Times Square, Kentucky's Thoroughbred Park) and welcome signs in each state, traversing the country in reverse alphabetical order, from Wyoming to Alabama.

All told, the 50-state trip took Li one year, nine months and two days.

"After my study abroad experience in college, I was exposed to my love of traveling alone," Li explained in an email. "So I wanted to start domestically in all 50 states and continue from there. The waving flag was just an idea that came to mind so I could always have a keepsake for myself."

So which state was his favorite?

"This question is the hardest to answer because each state has its own individual characteristics that appeal to people with varying interests," Li replied. "But if I had to choose, then California would be both my favorite and least favorite state, because of how large and diverse it is in terms of people, climate, landscape, attitudes, culture, pretty much everything."

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