'BiP's Most Surprising Love Triangle Gets Even Messier Tonight

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It’s been a minute since Bachelor in Paradise graced our screens and, TBH, it’s so needed right now.

Fans have already lived through Clayton Echard’s dumpster fire of a Bachelor season, followed by Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia's messy quest for love as co-bachelorettes. So it's definitely high time Bach Nation gets the chance to witness Bachelor and Bachelorette cast-offs creating magic on their own terms.

That brings us to Bachelor in Paradise season 8. Filming has already wrapped and spoilers are out (because Reality Steve has, of course, already been on the hunt for clues). There's lots of tea to spill, so here’s a full breakdown to prepare you for the season ahead.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Stop reading here if you don't want to know what happens during season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise and season 19 of The Bachelorette!

Who couples up this season?

You’ll be happy to know that Brandon, who was left absolutely crushed by his breakup with Michelle Young, apparently finds love again with Serene. Here’s a full breakdown of the new couples, per Reality Steve:

  • Aaron and Genevieve

  • Logan and Kate

  • Michael and Danielle

  • Tyler and Brittany

  • Johnny and Victoria

  • Brandon and Serene

Who gets engaged on 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

Two couples make it to the very end! Brandon and Serene, and Johnny and Victoria leave the show engaged, Steve said.

Who is still together after filming?

There isn't a ton of info here, but it's worth noting that Danielle and Michael were spotted at BiP bartender Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland's wedding, which just happened. So, they're most likely still a thing.

What really happened between Romeo, Jill, and Kira before 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

Color me surprised: Two women on the beach are fighting over Romeo Alexander, the seemingly sweet smartthrob from Michelle's season.

Here's Romeo:

Here's Jill Chin:

ICYMI, it seems like BiP's first love triangle of the season began before filming. As Jill explained upon her arrival, she and Romeo were "friends" for a while. But then, Romeo kissed Kira Mengistu while out a club.

Here's Kira, btw:

In April, Kira told BachelorNation.com about her plans for Paradise—and who she hoped to spend time with there if she ended up going. She named Romeo as one of the “really cute guys ... [she’d] love to meet.”

And their love triangle is getting messier by the episode.

When Romeo hit the beach in episode one, he said he wanted to get back on better terms with Jill. “I just want to pursue Jill," he said in a confessional. "I feel like we have a little more air to clear."

But when Kira arrived on the beach, she immediately interrupting Romeo and Jill’s conversation—and stole Jill’s drink.

Tonight, it looks like their entanglement gets even more complicated. And Wells even weighs in during a teaser.

It’s unclear how Romeo, Jill, and Kira’s love triangle will play out. But a promo for the rest of the season saw Jill declare: “I love getting revenge." Welp!

When was 'Bachelor in Paradise' season 8 filmed?

Exact dates aren’t actually available, but new-ish host Jesse Palmer, who is himself a former Bachelor star, revealed back in June that BiP filming was already taking place.

He also later shared on the Here for the Right Reasons podcast that there was “so much chaos” and “so much drama” going in this season, so it sounds like there's a lot to look forward to.

You can watch the exclusive trailer on Entertainment Tonight's website here.

Where was season 8 filmed?

It looks like this season of Paradise was filmed in the usual spot: The Playa Escondida Resort in Mexico. It's got infinity pools, romantic bungalows, and beaches galore. Sounds like the perfect place to fall in love!

When does BiP air?

Get your popcorn ready: The adventure starts on September 27, 2022.

Usually, the show airs in August, but at this point, I've come to expect the unexpected with the franchise.

Where can I watch Bachelor in Paradise?

ABC is the destination for all things Bachelor-related, and that includes BiP. If you don't have cable, that's not going to be a problem. You can stream all the juicy drama on ABC's website and on Hulu.

What can I expect from BiP's newest season?

There's a bit of a Love Island-inspired change-up in the format for season 8. Because of course there is!

Steve says that all the couples are going to separated by gender into different villas. "I think the women were the ones that moved to a new location in Mexico and were introduced to five new men brought in. The guys stayed on the beach and were introduced to five new women brought in."

Which fan favorites are back?

Okay, the first thing to know is that *lots* of Clayton's exes are returning to Bachelor Nation on Paradise. And there will also be at least a few super familiar faces from Gabby and Rachel's season.

Here’s the rundown of some of the biggest fan faves who are back to try their hand at love once more, according to Reality Steve:

  • Logan Palmer

  • Jacob Rapini

  • Johnny DePhillipo

  • Michael Allio

  • Brandon Jones

  • Rodney Matthews

  • Justin Glaze

  • Andrew Smith

  • Aaron Clancy

  • James Bonsall

  • Serene Russell

  • Kate Gallivan

  • Danielle Maltby

  • Genevieve Parisi

  • Victoria Fuller

  • Lace Morris

  • Brittany Galvin

...Plus a whole lot more. Those are just some of the new cast members who could appear at any time. Reality Steve says that a total of 43 people show up on the show. That's a new record for the show, BTW.

There's a delicious twist this season.

And it's basically a riff off of Casa Amor from Love Island, per Reality Steve's June 21st blog post.

Essentially, halfway through filming, all the couples are separated with one gender going to another villa and meeting new singles. "I think the women were the ones that moved to a new location in Mexico, and were introduced to 5 new men brought in," writes Steve. "The guys stayed on the beach and were introduced to 5 new women brought in.

The 10 new people are:

  • Sarah Hamrick (Clayton’s season)

  • Kate Gallivan (Clayton’s season)

  • Eliza Isichei (Clayton’s season)

  • Jessenia Cruz (Matt’s season)

  • Florence Moerenhout (BiP Australia 1 & 2)

  • Tyler Norris (Rachel/Gabby’s season)

  • Alex Bordyukov (Rachel Lindsay’s season, BiP Australia season 2, BiP Canada season 1)

  • Adam Todd (Bachelorette Australia season 6)

  • Rick Leach (Michelle’s season)

  • Olu Onajide (Michelle’s season)

Who's the villain this season?

Kate Gallivan is possibly next villain, according to Reality Steve's post from June 28th. "She seems to be causing quite the ruckus down there," he writes. "I don’t think her edit is gonna be great and she’s rubbing some of the contestants the wrong way."

Here's her Instagram, in case you need a refresher:

Kate shows up on the beach after the big switch-a-roo and causes the following chain reaction:

  • Jacob leaves Jill for Kate. (Jill goes home.)

  • At some point, Kate gets with Logan, and they become a couple. So Jacob goes home.

  • Lyndsey arrives on the beach. And since there weren’t many options, she asks Logan out. Kate tells Logan she didn’t want him going on a date, so Lyndsey just goes home.

'Bachelorette's Gabby and Rachel will hit the beach in Mexico—but it's not what you're thinking.

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia's Bachelorette journey may be over, but that doesn't mean that their TV time is up. The ladies make an appearance toward the end of Bachelor in Paradise.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Rachel in a promo for BiP that aired during the dramatic Bachelorette Finale. And Twitter went wild.

But Rachel's not a contestant. Rachel and Gabby go to Mexico to tell Kate Gallivan, a contestant from The Bachelor season 26 with Clayton Echard, about how Logan Palmer, a 26-year-old videographer from San Diego, California and a contestant from Gabby and Rachel’s Bachelorette season, switched from Gabby to Rachel in the middle of The Bachelorette season 19, Reality Steve reported.

Kate apparently takes that info to heart. She and Logan end up breaking up and they leave the beach single.

Who gets engaged on 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

Brandon and Serene, and Johnny and Victoria leave the show engaged, Steve said.

Who is still together after filming?

There isn't a ton of info here, but it's worth noting that Danielle and Michael were spotted at BiP bartender Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland's wedding, which just happened. So, they're most likely still a thing.

Stay tuned for more spoilers as the new season drops later this month!

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