On Our Way Home

This holiday season, I’ll be posting one chapter per day from a Christmas novel I wrote last December in my barn, while under the periodic influence of bourbon and tobacco. (And it likely shows.)

I’m trying to come up with different options for keeping track of all of it, without dumping the chapters into the never ending flow of football content.

There’s a category page that has all of the chapters listed in there, for one long scrolling experience. Here’s another way to track it — one chapter at a time, as each one becomes available.

Sort of like an Advent calendar. Hopefully without the candy corn.

Chapter One.

Chapter Two.

Chapter Three.

Chapter Four.

Chapter Five.

Chapter Six.

Chapter Seven.

Chapter Eight.

Chapter Nine.

Chapter Ten.

Chapter Eleven.

Chapter Twelve.

Chapter Thirteen.

Chapter Fourteen.

Chapter Fifteen.

Chapter Sixteen.

Chapter Seventeen.

Chapter Eighteen.

Chapter Nineteen.

Chapter Twenty.

Chapter Twenty-one.

Chapter Twenty-two.

Chapter Twenty-three.

Chapter Twenty-four.

Chapter Twenty-five.

Chapter Twenty-six.

Chapter Twenty-seven.

Chapter Twenty-eight.

Chapter Twenty-nine.

Chapter Thirty.

Chapter Thirty-one.

Chapter Thirty-two.

On Our Way Home originally appeared on Pro Football Talk