JRod no more? Miami’s most glamorous couple suddenly splits. What we know so far

UPDATE: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez told TMZ on Saturday that she and Alex Rodriguez were trying to work out “some things” and had not split.

ORIGINAL STORY: We’ll never get to see Jennifer Lopez’s fourth wedding dress, after all.

The superstar entertainer and her fiance, onetime baseball star Alex Rodriguez, have called it quits, Page Six first reported.

A source exclusively told the media outlet the issue was allegedly infidelity, as in many of Rodriguez’s past relationships.

Rumors had been floating around for a while that A-Rod had a little something-something going on with “Southern Charm’s” Madison LeCroy.

On Wednesday, a bombshell: LeCroy’s co-star Shep Rose told Us Weekly that Rodriguez made the Charleston woman sign an NDA about their DMs, aka direct messages. Apparently, these two never met but had some kind of online relationship and J.Lo may not have appreciated that.

“I know that there was, like, an NDA signed, which doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore, not worth the price of the paper they’re printed on,” Rose told the outlet. “It’s crazy and, you know, mixed emotions about it because I think our show started as fairly normal, humble people…your average small-town, Southern people. And now it’s like, you know, DMing baseball stars and stuff.”

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We really thought the power couple was going to make it. They were doing the whole blended family thing like champs and it’s apparent the kids all get along swimmingly (literally; we saw the pool pics).

Blended family alert: J.Lo shares snap at the pool with A-Rod, kids

Their well documented love story played out right here for us in Miami. Rodriguez and Lopez were more or less inseparable, constantly working out together (even during the pandemic), shopping for expensive trinkets, traveling on private jets and hanging at his bachelor pad in Coral Gables.

But if we know J.Lo like we know J.Lo, she’ll bounce back just fine. The 51-year-old is currently shooting her latest movie, “Shotgun Wedding,” in the Dominican Republic, where A-Rod’s family is from, ironically.

As for the former New York Yankee slugger? His latest Instagram post puts him on a yacht in his hometown of Miami. The 45-year-old did not address his current relationship status, just posted a pic and silly caption, that he was taking a “sail-fie.”

Burning question: What will become of that sweet Star Island mansion they bought last summer?

Maybe a Trump or two will want to snatch it up.

Miami Herald staff writer and video editor Pierre Taylor contributed to this report.