Waze adds Audible to its built-in audio player

You can listen to your audiobooks within Waze during commute.

Zephyr18 via Getty Images

Waze is making it easier to listen to your audiobooks while also using your phone for navigation. The Google subsidiary has added Audible to the list of streaming services you can access through its app’s built-in audio player. Simply choose Audible as your audio player after tapping on Waze’s music icon, though you’ll of course still need a membership to be able to listen to its audiobooks, podcasts and all the other audio programs it has on offer.

Waze launched its Audio Player Program a few years ago, giving companies the option to integrate their services into its navigation app. In addition to Audible, its program partners include Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music and iHeartRadio. The company describes what it’s offering with the program as “a true partnership,” because it also translates to Waze integration for the participating apps. That means you’ll also get turn-by-turn directions within the Audible application if that’s what you have open instead of Waze itself.

The Audible integration for the navigation app has already started rolling out for both Android and iOS devices. To make sure you can access your audiobooks on Waze, make sure Audible is listed as one of the connected applications under “Audio Player” in Settings.

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