WBZ Update For April 3, 2021

WBZ-TV's Nick Giovanni and Jacob Wycoff have your latest news and weather.

Video Transcript


NICK GIOVANNI: I'm Nick Giovanni with the WBZ News Update. Our top stories begin this Saturday with the US Capitol Police officer from Massachusetts killed when a man crashed a car into a security barricade yesterday afternoon in Washington. CBS has identified the suspect as 25-year-old Noah Green. Officials say he hit two officers in the crash and then got out of his car and started lunging at them with a knife. Green was shot and killed by other officers on scene. Officer William Evans, originally from North Adams, did not survive his injuries.

Massachusetts will expand its eligibility on Monday with the COVID-19 vaccine. People 55 and older and those with one high risk medical condition can start making appointments. The state has also changed which conditions qualify to match CDC guidelines. The list now includes people with dementia, type 1 diabetes, HIV, and those dealing with substance abuse. Eligibility opens to all residents 16 and older on the 19th.

Service stations are not going to be able to inspect cars through the weekend because of an ongoing technical issue. There was a malware attack on the system used to approve new stickers. The RMV hasn't been able to approve inspections since Wednesday. Police departments have been notified and asked to give drivers with expired stickers a break.

Now, for a check of the forecast. Here's meteorologist Jacob Wycroff.

JACOB WYCROFF: Nick, a frosty start for many of us, but the skies have cleared out very nicely. Full on sunshine all day today and extending into tomorrow, too. 52 for an afternoon high in Boston, upper 40s as you go inland. No rain in the forecast today, tomorrow, and really for the foreseeable future. Next chance for rain widespread is going to be on Friday. Notice a lot of mid to upper 50s as we go into the middle of the week. Your Easter Sunday, looking good. Mixture of sun and clouds, temperatures in the middle 50s. Nick.

NICK GIOVANNI: Jacob, thank you. This has been a WBZ News update. Have a great day.