WBZ Digital News Update For May 29, 2021

Massachusetts reopens; Marshfield gas leak fire; wet weekend.

Video Transcript


KEN MACLEOD: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this week's WBZ web update. I'm Ken MacLeod, and here are some of the stories making news right now. Today is the day that Massachusetts lifted virtually all COVID restrictions and fully reopened. The statewide mask mandate has expired, replaced by an advisory.

Sports and performance venues no longer have capacity limits. So Fenway had the green light for a full house today against the Marlins even though the weather kept the crowd size down a bit. And the Garden will be nearly full tonight for the Bruins-Islanders game. There are no more restrictions on youth and amateur sports either, but remember businesses and organizations can set their own rules for requiring people to wear masks or be vaccinated.

There are some situations where masks are still required no matter what. That includes in rideshares, at airports and on planes, and on public transportation including ferries and the MBTA. They are also still required in all health care facilities and congregate care settings.

In Marshfield this morning, police had to shut down roads after leaking natural gas caught fire. It happened near 344 Plain Street where about a dozen homes and businesses had to be evacuated including the Marshfield Animal Hospital. Hundreds of homes in the area were without gas for several hours today. All right, let's get a check on that forecast now. It's not pretty out there, and the prospects for improvement before the end of the holiday weekend, not great either. Meteorologist Jacob Wycoff is here now. He's got more on that.

JACOB WYCOFF: Yeah, Ken, so it is the unofficial start to summer this Memorial Day weekend typically, but mother nature has other plans. In fact, our highs today were held in check only in the upper 40s and low 50s for many of us. The organized showers have pushed on out of here. Still dealing with some drizzle throughout this afternoon and evening.

And even into tonight, we're going to be seeing this next round of showers pushing closer to us. This is round two of what could be a three or even four-round shower and storm complex. And so there's more rain yet to go heading into the next couple of days.

We picked up some good soaking amounts through parts of the area. In fact, Malden coming in at 2.86 inches officially, at Logan 2.16 inches of rain, our first back to back one inch or more totals since 2012. Pretty impressive there. Highs today 40s to low 50s, 50 officially in Boston, only one degree away from that record high cold temperature-- record cold high temperature, that is. 50 in Boston for tomorrow, back into the middle 50s for Plymouth.

So I mentioned those record cold highs. Today, we were only one degree away. I think tomorrow, there's a chance we actually tie or set the record cold high. Not the sort of records we want to be setting as we go into this unofficial start of summer. So we have some rain as we start out tomorrow morning. There will be some periods of very few dry spells. But I think overall, it's going to be a rainy day into the afternoon and even into the evening.

Now, heading into Monday, we will see some improvement. The wind changes to the South. There will be some heavier downpours too as you get towards Boston, the South Shore Cape and Islands. And then you see that gradual improvement as you go towards the afternoon where we could actually be left with some glimmer of sunshine into Memorial Day Monday.

So we'll call it upper 60s for Monday, low 50s for Sunday. Your seven-day forecast shows the improvement arriving for Tuesday and Wednesday, a bit stormy for Thursday and Friday. And we're back into the 80s heading into Saturday. So there's your seven-day forecast. Ken, back to you.

KEN MACLEOD: All right, Jake. Thanks a lot. That is a check of your top stories from cbsboston.com. Hope you have a great night. We'll see you next time.