WBZ Evening Forecast For April 1

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- The weather is going to be cooperating, particularly tomorrow if people are bundled up.

- Yeah, it sounds like temperatures, Eric, a little bit cooler tomorrow than today, but dry.

ERIC FISHER: Yes. We'll be talking about a bit of a chilly day, but a drier day across the area as we head into Friday. One thing I think we've all kind of learned over the course of all this in the winter is we're maybe a little bit hardier that we give ourselves credit for. I mean, we've been outside, dining outside in the middle of January and February. So tomorrow would probably work as well.

Rain amounts from last night, pretty good soaker. We got over an inch of rain in some towns. A few over an inch and a half. Depends where you live. We basically had that band, that showed up nicely on some of the models we were showing yesterday about where that rain would set up, from southeastern Connecticut up through Boston, and along the North Shore and just south and east of there. Meanwhile, in Central Mass and into southern New Hampshire, some rain but much lower amounts. So there was a pretty sharp back edge to that heavy rainfall kind of track across the area.

Now we're looking at some snowflakes in the air as colder air dives southward. Doesn't feel so much like springtime in places like Pittsburgh, down to 31. DC's down to 43, they've got some flurries in the air. We could have a couple of flurries in the air this evening. One last little impulse from our storm system pushes across the region.

It's not like April 1 in 1997. We woke up to a couple of feet of snow on the ground. But don't be surprised to see a snowflake or two, especially into Worcester County and southern New Hampshire. No accumulation is expected with this. Couple of raindrops, some drizzle from Woburn down toward Boston and heading over toward the North Shore and Cape Ann. Temps are chilly, in the 30s and 40s, and the wind's still gusty out of the northwest. It'll stay breezy overnight tonight. We'll add some chill to the air.

So tonight we can get away with a fire in the fireplace again. Temps dipping back into the upper 20s to low 30s. A lot of cloud cover, breezy and cold. And then tomorrow morning, we'll clear out a little bit. I think our best chance for sunshine tomorrow will be during that morning timeframe as we head toward late morning and the afternoon. Pretty cold upper atmosphere, so clouds will likely fill in, and that's going to give it another chilly feel for our Friday.

We're looking at highs in the low to mid 40s for most of the area. Still breezy out of the northwest. Certainly a playable day for baseball at Fenway Park. Some additional time to dry out the outfield. Wasn't covered, of course, with a tarp from last night. But if you're going, bundle up. It feels like temp will be in the 30s.

Then tomorrow night will be the coldest night as we look forward here. 20s are going to be likely. Some plants are out a little ahead of schedule. Things like forsythia, some magnolias, they may get singed a little bit. Fruit trees aren't blossoming yet, though, so good news there. No risk to those. We'll rebound around 50 on Saturday. It looks like a bright start and a seasonable start to the weekend.

Sunday, we'll see partly sunny skies for Easter. It looks mainly dry. We'll see if maybe a couple of showers or a couple of sprinkles may develop during the morning. At this point, I'm gonna keep it a dry forecast, with low to middle 50s on Sunday afternoon. The pollen counts will start creeping on up again. Tree pollen is the main culprit this time of the year. We'll see more greening taking place as we head toward next week.

The main thing we'll be watching here, for late Sunday night into Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, there's going to be a cutoff low that forms. They drift around, they don't move very quickly. And if you get an onshore breeze around one of these, of course, it can get cold in a hurry. At this point, it looks like it's going to make its closest pass Monday night into Tuesday, and then start to drift away from the area.

Little wobbles can really change our sensible weather here with these types of systems. But I think we'll have a chance of showers late Monday into Tuesday, and then it starts to push away. And so the temps are pretty stable, low to mid 50s just about every day after tomorrow's chill and that cold start to Saturday.