WBZ Evening Forecast For April 14, 2021

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

LISA HUGHES: It wasn't a super warm day, but it was a beautiful day out there.

DAVID WADE: Yeah, nice and sunny. As you can see, the sun still shining at this hour. And of course, the headline tonight is the possibility of snow tomorrow. And Eric, let me tell you something right now, I'm not bringing out a snow brush, I'm not bringing out a snow shovel, I'm not bringing out a snow blower, nothing.

ERIC FISHER: OK, well, I know where you live, and you're not going to see snow. So that's going to work out. Few people in our area will see some snow, but mostly the highest elevations across the interior. The wind is the main story, the rain as well, with this particular storm, that rain arriving around midday tomorrow but later near the coastline. Showers are going to linger all the way until early on Saturday morning. 1 to 2 inches of rain, much needed. This is a beneficial storm for us. But that higher elevation snow is likely heading into tomorrow night.

So temps right now in the 50s for the most part. We had some 70s across the interior again this afternoon. We've had so many nice spring days. And there's plenty of mild there in the east. This will be a pretty marginal storm, but cold enough to create some of that snow. The energy right now across the southern states runs up the coastline heading into tomorrow. We're dry tonight. Upper 30s to low 40s. Dry tomorrow morning. And if you're in Boston or near the coastline, it'll take all day before the rain even gets to you. Temps will reach the low 50s and it's at the tail end that the light rain starts to develop.

Now if you're in Central Massachusetts, likely to pick up some light rainfall by mid to late morning. So it'll be a wetter and cooler day in that part of the area. But look how slowly it crawls east. Takes the entirety of the day to fill in near the coastline. And as we head to tomorrow night, that's where things really start to pick up in intensity-- some heavier rainfall, maybe even a rumble of thunder, the temps start to drop. And as we get deeper into the night, we see that flip over to snow. And the best chance of accumulating snow comes with some elevation. You get above, say 700, 800, 900 feet, now you're starting to talk about it happening a little bit easier.

Temperatures keep dropping, although they largely stay above the freezing mark. So this would be a heavy wet snow fall across the interior. Then on Friday, we get into a bit of a dry slot with the storm. There'll be some lighter rain and snow scattered about the area. But it's the time of year where you get to the daylight hours, you lose the darkness. Even if there's snow in the air, it's not doing anything. You net lose snow with temperatures above freezing even when it's falling. That will be the case during the day on Friday. So most of that accumulation is at night.

In terms of our rainfall, 1 to 2 inches of rain. Much needed for most of our area, little lighter toward the Cape and the islands. For the snow side of things, you head north and west of 495, that's where you pick it up. There's going to be heavy snow falling mostly on grassy surfaces, once you get into this lighter band here. But when you're in the northern Worcester Hills, several inches of heavy wet snow would be possible, and then more so as you head toward the Monadnock region, with 3 to 6. Then the highest peaks could even get more than 6.

And that will certainly be the case in the highest elevations of the Berkshires and the Greens. Pretty notable late season snowstorm for them. It'll be a very gusty wind off the water, not damaging, nothing that's going to cause major issues, just going to make a very nasty night and day during the day on a Friday. In terms of the temps, they'll be mild at south and east, especially toward the Cape. Cold is across the interior on Friday. Upper 30s to low 40s. Maybe a storm system, remember, toward the Monadnock region and some of those highest Worcester County spots.

And then we head into the weekend. Chance for an early shower Saturday. Then we'll dry out for the rest of the day. A couple of scattered showers possible on Sunday. Looks milder from Monday and Tuesday. And of course, Dave and Lisa, any snow will be gone by the end of Saturday if it even makes it to Saturday.