WBZ Evening Forecast For April 17

Sarah Wroblewski has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

KEN MACLEOD: All right, as we take a live picture of our city. The snow on the ground vanishing fast out of my way. It'll be a few more days, maybe west and north. Sarah, how much help are we gonna get from mother nature on that? You've got a lot of warm ups coming in those temps this week.

SARAH WROBLEWSKI: Yeah, I think we're going to see some big improvements. But I mean, we really saw a lot of snow across the higher elevations north and west, where many spots picked up over a half a foot. Princeton coming in with just over a foot. Of course, again, higher elevation you went, that's where we picked up a significant amount of some snow. Saw some wet snowflakes mixing in Boston, but it was a mainly rain event.

And today, we picked up on a little bit of rain, less than a tenth of an inch. But hey, we'll take anything we can get because the drought monitor is still showing abnormally dry conditions across much of the region, actually a moderate drought too, as you travel north into parts of New Hampshire and Vermont. We are below average for the year for rainfall, but at least for April now, we are above. And well, we've got a few more chances looking forward as temperatures do warm up. But today, it was another battle between spring and winter, I guess you could say.

Temperatures close to 50 in Boston. 40s elsewhere. A lot of clouds around. Saw a few breaks on that cloud cover. But we also had a few light showers, really not amounting to too much. You just see some hints of green here on the radar and out towards the southeastern parts of the state, down across parts of the Cape and islands. But overall, the center of the storm, look at this, it's just south of Nova Scotia. So it's continuing to pull away, but it's doing so ever so slowly. And with that, we still have a lot of clouds and moisture just continuing to impact the area.

This system will continue to move away. So by Sunday, expect to see some brighter conditions. But with still some lingering moisture above, there will be some clouds that develop through the afternoon. May we see a stray shower? I think best chances will be out to the west. So expect fairly dry conditions. Don't cancel your plans out there. But I do expect to still see those clouds around. As we get into Monday, similar story. Partly sunny. Again, could see the risk of an isolated shower through the interior. But really Tuesday is going to be the best day with mostly sunny skies and mild weather.

So tonight, holding on to the clouds, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. If you're thinking about the red forecast out in Chicago, they're also going to see temperatures in the 40s, partly cloudy, light winds, and temperatures dropping into the lower 40s for the second half. As for us, again, for your Sunday, we're looking at pretty OK conditions with temperatures bouncing back up into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. So we're going to do better about by 10 degrees for tomorrow. Lower 60s by Monday. 70 by Tuesday. And then bringing back those rain chances for the middle part of the week.