WBZ Evening Forecast For April 2

Eric Fisher has an updated weather forecast.

Video Transcript

LISA HUGHES: Here today for opening day. People in the stands had coffee and hot chocolate. Want to bring Eric Fisher in now. Eric, it wasn't raining so we're not going to complain. But people definitely layered up.

ERIC FISHER: Yeah, not exactly our warmest home opener at Fenway Park and a chilly start to the season. But we deal with that a lot around here in early season baseball. High 41. First pitch was 37. It was one of the colder opening days, although we've also had opening day snowed out before in Boston. So just about anything can happen. 34 in Bedford right now. Sub-freezing in Worcester as well as Keene and Orange. Winter is back for at least a day. Across the Northeast, very cold there. The mild stuff has been pushed off to our west.

And tonight will be a very chilly night as the clouds start to break up and high pressure builds on in. So we bottom out tonight and then we'll start our rebound heading into tomorrow afternoon. So clouds for now. A few patches of snow flurries have developed. Some of those been in central Mass. And then up toward northern Middlesex County, the Pepperell area, Groton, over toward Lowell, Billerica, a few flurries here. The air is really dry. So not many are reaching the ground. Couple of flurries also possible across Cape Cod. No accumulation expected, but just not a spring field by any stretch.

We'll start clearing out, especially after midnight. That's going to set the stage for very cold temperatures. We're talking teens to lower and middle 20s across the region. It's not to record territory. Record in Boston is 21. 13 In Worcester. But this is going to be enough to damage some early blooms I think, especially things like magnolias and cherries that have popped out a little bit early this year, and some forsythia as well is probably going to be susceptible. Then we'll start to rebound tomorrow. Bright sunshine expected. On Easter Sunday, a little milder still.

We'll see some partial cloudiness. Looks like most of the cloud cover is going to hang more toward the Berkshires and into Connecticut, if your travels take you westbound. But tomorrow will be splashed in the sun. If you're up around sunrise, winter temps. In the afternoon, we're back to more seasonable readings, upper 40s to around 50 degrees. A little cooler on Cape Cod and the islands. Not exactly a warm day, but the sun will feel good, especially in comparison to today's weather. And if you're in the bleachers at Fenway, yeah, this is gonna be a little easier to take a little bit more of a festive atmosphere perhaps on top of what we had today, just with less winter layers to be had out there.

In terms of Easter Sunday, our sunrise at 6:21 AM in the morning. Though sunrise is moved before 6:00 in a couple of weeks by the way. Looks like low to middle 50s for Sunday afternoon. A mix of sun and clouds. Pretty nice weather for any Easter egg hunts, any outdoor gatherings. If you've got some brunch reservations, it looks like it's doable with just a jacket. And that will be the theme next week-- very stable temperatures, just a slight chance of showers late Monday into Tuesday. Otherwise, dry stretch. We'll be right back after this.