WBZ Evening Forecast For April 26

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: All right, let's talk a little weather now. Eric is back from vacation. And they say April showers bring the mayflowers. But I got to say, Lisa, I feel like everything is in bloom right now.

LISA HUGHES: It is so vibrant outside. And Eric, it appears you brought the sunshine with you.

ERIC FISHER: I was kind of disappointed. There was the lack of the dad joke opportunity there. What do mayflowers bring?

DAVID WADE: Uh, Pilgrims.

ERIC FISHER: Course, Wade's always on. He knows how it goes. And yeah, it is vibrant outside. It's that first green, the first colors of the year, that really stick out. It just seems like they're brighter than, we have a little later on the season, especially with the bright sunshine like today. Chilly wind but temperatures pretty much right on track for this time of the year. This afternoon, high of 57 in Boston. Those gusts though been 20 to 40 miles per hour and have definitely made it feel a little bit chillier outside, especially early on in the morning. Right now we're at 56 in Boston. 54 in Bedford. Lawrence at 52, as well as in Hyannis.

And we look off to the Southwest, you see some of that milder air that's lurking. 70s and 80s. Don't think we'll quite burst into that really warm air, but tomorrow will be an improvement over today if you like the milder temps. Terms of active conditions, there's a front that's setting up right across the Great Lakes. That's going to be around New England all week long, especially as we head into Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So we'll enjoy the clear skies tonight. And the moon rise. It's a full moon tonight. Comes up at 7:14 PM this evening. It's the full pink moon, pink because the flocks of blooms this time of the year. It's a flower right on the ground, kind of a mossy flower if you will.

So in April, it tends to show up, as do many of those spring blooms. And tonight, we'll have that full moon to enjoy without any clouds. But it will be chilly. We'll fall back in the 30s for most of the area. Around 40 near the coastline. Breeze doesn't completely die down but it does get weaker what we have out there this evening. And tomorrow after the cold starts, pick of the week. It'll be a bright day, mix of sun and clouds, 60s to around 70 degrees. Still a west breeze, about 10 to 20. Just not as strong as what we had out there this afternoon.

So mostly 65 to 70 for most towns. That breeze will bring the milder air to the coastline. A little cooler on the south coast and the Cape. We'll take advantage of tomorrow. Then that front is going to be in our hair for the rest of the week. Late tomorrow night into Wednesday morning, we get a chance for a couple of passing showers. I do think the majority of the day will be dry on Wednesday. And then as we get toward the late afternoon and the evening, will be a chance for some more scattered showers or even a rumble of thunder. Looks like the highest opportunity for rain and our coolest temps will come on Thursday.

That front is right over the top of the region and it'll give us a better shot of knocking down the pollen counts a little bit and making sure that things do stay vibrant and green across the area. But temperatures will waver. The mildest days look to be tomorrow and Friday. The coolest day looks like Thursday. Wednesday, it'll depend on where you live. I think that front will set up in a spot where it'll be very warm around, say the Worcester area and south and west toward Connecticut. But it will likely be a lot cooler toward the North Shore, Cape Anne and up toward the seacoast. So really be more location dependent there on Wednesday.

In terms of golf, tomorrow is the pick of the week if you're heading out check out the fairways. Wednesday, most of the day dry, late in the day that shower and thunderstorm chance. Thursday looks the wettest. It will bring down the pollen counts a little bit for the second half of the week. Still tree pollen this time of the year. Then as we look toward Friday, should pop in the warm sector of this final front to blow on through, meaning milder temps and a chance for some showers and storms. But it's followed by another chilly shot. As we look toward Saturday, we'll look at temps in the 50s to maybe around 60 degrees, gusty winds, seems like all the cool shots lately have been around the weekends, or at least on Fridays.

It looks like that'll happen again. But we do rebound quickly. So kind of like the last weekend where we had one cool day and one nice day. I think that this weekend will be chilliest on Saturday and Sunday is going to be the pick to get outdoors.