WBZ Evening Forecast For April 29

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Well, the flowers love this weather. And a lot of people have been planting. So it's a good way to look, I guess, at the bad weather we're having.

- I think that is the best way to look at it, Eric, because otherwise, it's just kind of a depressing day.

ERIC FISHER: I like a rainy day this time of the year. At least it's not a cold winter rain where it's like 38 degrees. It's fairly mild outside, the 50s. And some good amounts of rain across northern Massachusetts.

We've had one band, in particular, that's just been pouring. Almost two inches now in Tyngsboro. Gardner at an inch and a half. Over an inch in Pepperell, Littleton, Phillipston, and Danvers heading up along the north shore.

And you can see the rain break down, big change, depending on where you are. Boston's approaching a half inch. You can see that stripe of heavy rainfall from the Berkshires across northern Mass and just into southern New Hampshire. Meanwhile, much lower amounts toward the south coast and the Cape. Not much to soak the ground there. Some more rain falling, though.

It's this band, in particular, where we've got this zone of very heavy rain. That will continue for at least a little while longer right now, across Tyngsboro, Lowell area, over into Tewkesbury as well as Lawrence. Some urban area flooding on some of the roads actually possible.

It's been raining that heavily here in places like Lawrence and Lowell. Also into Pelman and Nashua, still raining very heavily. Andover over to Boxford and Middleton, Hamilton, and Manchester, and over toward Cape Ann, as well. All in that really heavy rainfall. So the trees will be happy, and the plants, as well. But if you're driving out there this evening, watch out for some flooding on some of the low lying spots.

Still some rain to go this evening. That one band will start to move a little farther to the north as the night goes on. Temperatures will hold where they are, generally upper 40s to low 50s, scattered rain and fog. Most of our rain will be during the first half of the night.

As we look toward tomorrow, we'll see partly, too. At times, mostly cloudy skies. There'll be a spot shower, but most of the day is dry. Our attention tomorrow is going to be more turning toward the wind. It will be very gusty.

So here's a look at the rain tonight. Still steady stuff. Northern Mass up until New Hampshire, this will be the jackpot zone with some towns over two inches of rainfall. Much lower amounts for just about everybody else. Then tomorrow, we'll see partly to mostly cloudy skies. Kind of in and out of the sun and the clouds. And we'll see a chance for a pop-up shower or two.

Tomorrow night, we've got a little spoke of instability that's going to come down across the region. This is the middle of the night. And yeah, there's a chance for a couple of snow showers mixing in with the raindrops. Not expecting accumulation. But if you are, for some reason, up in the middle of the night, you may see some snowflakes. They'll be gone by the time you wake up on Saturday morning.

Tomorrow's wind, well, wind advisory-worthy. Some gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour are possible out of the west. This advisory starts at noon and it goes until midnight. So a very windy second half of the day. And those winds will be pretty powerful in terms of, maybe, some umbrellas, you'll want to make sure that they're put away or just cranked down for tomorrow. The patio furniture is out at this point in the season for many spots.

And then as we head into late tomorrow night, the gusts will start to come down. It will still be very breezy on Saturday. Some gusts around 30 miles per hour will be likely as we start. However, the temperatures have been sneaking up a little bit, how it looks like our Saturday will turn out.

And the sky cover is looking brighter. So we'll get a good amount of sun. It'll be breezy. But we get into the 60s across the region on Saturday. And it should be a pretty good start to the weekend if you want to get outside.

Sunday, a slight chance of a shower. Though, it looks like the best opportunity for some raindrops this weekend will be Saturday night into early on Saturday morning. And a warmer second half there as we have a chance of hitting 70 on Sunday afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday, dancing all over the place. Still looks very unsettled. Whether or not we end up on the warm or the cooler side of a front, still to be determined here, several days out.