WBZ Evening Forecast For April 4

Sarah Wroblewski has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- All right, really warmed up nicely. But tomorrow might not include that much sun, at least along the coast.

SARAH WROBLEWSKI: Yeah, we're watching a system that will be sort of backing up into the Boston area. But boy, has it been a gorgeous day, overall. I do have to point out, though, that most of the week looks relatively dry and seasonable, especially through the interior, with no really big storms that will impact the area in sight.

Now with that, dry weather, as well as sunshine and a bit of a breeze out there, we do have an elevated fire threat over the next week. Those winds now gusting over 20, even 30 miles per hour in Boston. And that wind out of the northwest, yesterday it was an onshore wind.

And that kept things cooler in Boston. But the highs today 61 degrees, 10 degrees above average for this time of year. It was a bit cooler, though, in places like Lawrence and along the Cape and islands where you're in the low to middle 50s.

But as we take a look at the conditions right now, still in the 50s out there. 60 in Boston. And it's mainly clear. Now there is a line of clouds here. That is the edge that will be backing westward from this big storm system that will stay out to sea. But we're just going to get clipped with the cloud cover from this system, and may allow for some drizzle as well as a few showers along the coast.

In fact, taking a closer look at our Futurecast here, you can see those clouds backing on in. Doesn't look all that impressive. This is one of our computer models here with more significant rain off the coast. So just keep in mind, it's going to be a very tight line where you're going to see some clouds. And then as you go inland past 128 as well as into 495, it's sunshine for you to start your day tomorrow.

So as we go on through your Monday, mainly dry through the interior. Again, some clouds at the coast. The risk of some patchy drizzle or a shower continues not only through Monday night, but also through Tuesday.

But that storm system, as much as it kind of wobbled our way, it's going to push back to the east. And that means we'll be left with just a mix of clouds and sun for our Tuesday. And that will also be the trend through the week.

So this evening, it's clear. Should be able to see the International Space Station. 8:10 through 8:16, look west-northwest to south-southeast. Pretty cool sight to see.

Overnight, we fall back only into the 40s. A few clouds off the coast. Still that breeze out there. And tomorrow, we're heading out the door in the 40s. Again, bouncing in and out of the clouds along the coast, inland brighter.

But look at that, close to 60 degrees once again, especially as you head inland. Maybe a little bit cooler at the coast. And down across the Cape and islands, low to middle 50s.

Same story on Tuesday. A mix of sun and clouds, cooler for the Cape and islands. But inland spots into the upper 50s. Keep that in mind, this dry weather also going to keep the allergy levels pretty high through the week.

So we're going to see temperatures continue to climb close to 60 degrees, if not a little bit better, through the week. We'll watch for clouds to increase late in the week. And our next chance of showers potentially early next weekend. But still doesn't look all that impressive.