WBZ Evening Forecast For April 5

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Let's talk about the weather today. We had such a nice weekend, and this was one of those hazy, get back to work and school days.

- It certainly is. And it's actually looking halfway decent out here at 6:13.

ERIC FISHER: It's been an interesting day, like it depends on your location. Even in Boston along the coastline, in and out of some brighter times, the blue sky was out, some sun, and it felt pretty nice. And then into more of a dense overcast. Meanwhile, you had farther west, specially west of 128, it was just a beautiful spring day. We had 58 in Boston. So even with the clouds, it's a pretty mild day for early April. Whenever the wind is not off the water, it's mild day in early April.

It'll be a mainly dry and seasonable week ahead. It is a cooler coast kind of pattern, which means we don't have a good solid offshore breeze for most of the days this week. So your mildest temperatures will be for those inland spots. Although, everyone's going to be doing pretty well for the time of year.

Tree pollen, brush fires, basically our main stories in this type of a setup. So there's a look at that back edge today. Once you are away from the coast, look at all that blue sky to be had. The black here is where there aren't any clouds. And meanwhile, right along the shoreline, we've been on the edge of that pinwheeling ocean storm off to the east. Some rain's been trying to fall, but since that air near the ground is so dry, it's having a very tough time reaching the surface. There's been some drizzle across Cape Cod and the islands, which are kind of taking it on the chin with the weather this week, as is very often the case in April.

And across Cape Ann, a little bit of drizzle possible, but otherwise it'll be drying out tonight. The winds still gusty, and that brings along that brush fire risk. The wind will be decreasing as we head into the overnight. It won't be as windy during the day tomorrow. That ocean storm will be moving a little farther out into the Atlantic. Temps mostly in the 50s at this point. Province, after hitting 64 this afternoon, is at 61. When you have a northwest breeze, it's tough to avoid an onshore wind on Cape Cod. Has to be right out of the west, today not one of those days. You win ugliest weather.

We look across the east, and we've got lots of 70s, even some 80s. Minneapolis tied their warmest temperature ever recorded, so early in the season, up to 84 today. Caribou one of the coldest spots at 44. There's some snow on the mountains today in Maine.

So tonight, we'll see partly cloudy skies, a sprinkle possible at the coastline. We'll hover close to 40 degrees in most spots. If you're thinking about hooking up the garden hoses, maybe the outdoor shower, don't have any subfreezing temperatures in the forecast through the weekend. That gets us to mid April. And so it's probably OK to do so at this point.

Now, as terms of our weather for the next couple of days, it's really all about how much of the day has sunshine versus clouds and do you have an onshore breeze or not. Now tomorrow, we're going to have still some scattered clouds near the coastline, especially during the morning time frame. And then on Wednesday, I think we're going to follow a similar formula, some morning cloud cover giving way to brighter skies during the afternoon.

We'll probably do the same exact thing on Thursday. All the while, the temperatures are comfortable, the upper 50s inland, lower to middle 50s near the coast, maybe a sprinkle along the water tomorrow. Your coldest temperatures, again, across Cape Cod, your mildest temperatures across central Massachusetts. On Wednesday, same idea, mildest inland, coolest at the coastline. I think Wednesday will bring our more significant onshore breeze of the week. So of all the days, Wednesday will likely be coolest right at the water's edge.

No problem. So for the Red Sox, Tuesday or Wednesday. Maybe some problems for allergy sufferers in a really dry pattern. The tree pollen will keep adding up over the course of this week. And just looking at rainfall, one model looking out through the week through the weekend, nothing, It's all south and west of us here. So our next chance for some showers or significant rain, really not until Monday of next week. And even then, looks like a 50-50 proposition. I'd say the mildest days look to be Friday and Saturday, good timing as we head into the weekend.

David and Lisa, back to you.