WBZ Evening Forecast For April 6

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- I mean, we are really in a glorious stretch right now. And Eric, for it to be 6:15 and this bright is also a gift.

ERIC FISHER: Moving right along in the daylight department here. April is a pretty big month when it comes to adding some light on both ends of the day. Not quite as aggressive as March, but not too far behind. And today was very pleasant. It got to 61 in the city, ; low of 46. I'll take that any day during the month of April. We had some scattered clouds at the coast, living on the edge of that ocean storm, but not as many as yesterday. And we have just a few scattered clouds out there this evening. But we did see the sea breeze kick in this afternoon. So it is cooler now all along the water. Upper 40s and lower 50s there. Closer to 60 for the inland spots.

And even though we're the coolest part of the Eastern US, I mean, you couldn't possibly complain about this. It's actually summer across the Great Lakes. And down across the southeastern states, up into the 80s. Could be one of the warmest runs for the masters on record, as well, as we start on Thursday and make our way through the weekend. Stormy weather to the west. Stormy weather to the east. Like a little slice of nice, here, across New England. And that's going to hold right through the rest of the week. So tonight, partly cloudy skies, lows near 40. High pressure remains firmly in control. Tomorrow, there'll be some scattered cloud cover. A little moisture from the ocean gets trapped underneath that area of high pressure. And so it won't be a completely sunny day, but it'll still be very pleasant

Thursday morning, we'll likely start off with some of that low cloud cover if you're up at the start of the day. But as we head toward mid-late morning, those clouds erode. It'll be a sunny rest of the afternoon. And then Friday looks outstanding as we wrap up the week. So tomorrow, expect partly cloudy skies, 50s at the coast, low 60s inland. A little bit more of an onshore breeze tomorrow. So a little cooler for the coastal towns. Lower to middle 50s for high temps. Basically, the same as what we've been doing for all the inland spots.

For the Red Sox, no issues. A little Northeast breeze kicking in. It'll be seasonably cool out there, in the 50s for first pitch as we make our way toward 1 o'clock. Then on Thursday, again, 60s for the inland spots, 50s along the coastline. Some morning clouds giving way to the sunshine. Pretty good stretch as more golf courses open up to head out. And Friday looks to be the best of all, very nice, well into the 60s, and near 60 at the coastline. It is, though, a very dry stretch, which is not something we usually think of and we think of April around here. That allows the tree pollen counts to keep on building right on through the start of the weekend.

When will it rain? Well Saturday, I think we're going to hold things off. On Sunday, we'll be watching the next storm system. And as that makes its way in from the south and west, we may bring in that rain chance during Sunday afternoon. It's still a little bit up in the air to see if this rain is going to survive the trip in or get pushed away by high pressure to our north and east. It will be cooler, though, on Sunday, after highs that could reach near 70 on Saturday. Good start to the weekend. David and Lisa, back to you.