WBZ Evening Forecast For April 7, 2021

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- A little bit overcast. And you know, we could use some rain. I don't think we're going to be getting any anytime soon, at least over the next couple of days. But Eric, we need the rain, and we need to wash away the pollen we're going to have.

ERIC FISHER: It's going to be on the rise for the next couple of days. That's for sure. And especially by the time we get toward the end of the weekend, a lot more trees continuing. You can see the buds. They're plump right now. They're ready to go. And we're going to see a lot of those flowers popping out over the next couple. Dry weather is in control. We're staying mild. The warmest weather on Friday and Saturday. That chance of some rain returns by Sunday, especially as we head into the afternoon.

Temps right now. The sea breeze kicked in this afternoon. So we've had lower 50s near the coastline, the 60s for the inland spots. Plenty of warm air just off to our west, though it's basically summer air at this point. For us, we don't expect 80s, but we do have a chance for some 70s as we get toward the end of this week. We've got a storm system that is producing some severe weather in the south this evening. But all that storminess will stay well to our west. So the dry powder continues here in New England.

Tonight's temps, low to mid 40s. We've had some clearing, this afternoon, for many spots. There are some clouds moving across the Cape. Well, we'll see more low clouds fill in after midnight tonight. So overall, partly to mostly cloudy conditions. Not a bad start to the day tomorrow, low to mid 40s for most of the area. Tomorrow is going to work like the inverse of what we had today. This morning we had sun, then the clouds bubbled up. Tomorrow morning we'll have clouds, and the afternoon will get brighter. So for the afternoon crowd, I think we'll have some better conditions outside.

Then on Thursday night, the low clouds will return. Friday starts off with some of that low cloudiness and fog in the morning. And then we'll jump into the sunshine. That's going to create a really warm finish to the week. Tomorrow's temps almost identical to today. It's just that flip of the sky cover. 60s for the inland spots. 50s at the coastline. Not too much wind expected. If you're heading out toward the Connecticut River Valley, likely see some towns hitting 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon. How about Friday? Well, the 70s start to visit us locally, here, for the inland spots. Still not a lot of wind. That's gonna allow sea breezes to develop. So again, it's cooler at the coastline. Although, not as cool. High temps will be a little bit closer to the 60 degree mark near the water. But a nice finish to the week to get outdoors.

And Saturday, we should hold on for one more. We'll be looking at high pressure fending off the clouds and the rain to our west. We could jump well into the 70s, on Saturday, if there's enough sunshine. At this point, I do think there's a good chance of that. And then as we move toward Sunday, we'll watch that chance of rain approaching from the south and west. The question is how much of it is going to fight through that area of high pressure it can get to us? I think the best chance of some steadier rainfall is more toward Connecticut in the Berkshires. We should get at least some showery weather, but I don't think, at this point, this is going you the soaking we could really use on Sunday.

It will certainly be cooler with temps in the 50s, the wind off the water on Sunday. So your outdoor day for the weekend is going to be Saturday. Warm inland, 60s along the south coast, in particular. That will be the local cool spot. In terms of the pollen counts, they really move on up. I expect a lot of those early trees, the cherries, the magnolias, that aren't blooming yet to really pop as we head to Friday and Saturday. Some of the Bradford pears may actually start to bloom, as well. And for the bird watchers, some hummingbirds are making their way northwards. This might be a good time to start thinking about the feeders. Higher concentrations in the mid-Atlantic, but we're getting some sightings near the south coast of New England.

I also was sitting in the park today. I saw a scarlet tanager up in the trees. And they're a little early. They usually start to show up more toward May. So the bird watchers rejoice. More color heading northbound. Next week looks more like typical April weather, scattered showers, temps in the 50s and low 60s. Finally, some April showers.