WBZ Evening Forecast For April 8

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Weather's been so cooperative, great for outdoor dining.

- Even in March. I mean, this has been a perfect day, Eric. But going back even a couple of weeks, you could get outside, be comfortable, and support those restaurants.

ERIC FISHER: For early spring weather, I mean, this has really worked out pretty nicely. And if you're out for the patios, you got some time. Thinking about supporting one of those local restaurants, say, tomorrow and Saturday, amazing weather. Definitely days where you could take advantage of it.

Today, sparkling. 50s and 60s and even some 70s once you get a little farther away from the water into southern New Hampshire, western half of Worcester County, and then out toward the Berkshires and Connecticut. Into the 70s this afternoon. It's been a mild month after that cold shot that we had on Friday the second. Everything from then has been pretty much aces.

And in terms of rainfall, well, we're falling behind again this month. Every month so far this year has had below-average precipitation. February's pretty typical, that's where we had most of our snow. But March and April in particular here have had a lot of sunshine, really dry air, and things have-- well, they're doing OK because it's early in the spring. But at some point, we need to start making up that imbalance. And I think starting this weekend, we'll begin that pattern shift.

Right now, the sea breeze has kicked in, so it's cooler along the water. Warmest for the inland spots. A lot of sunshine out there. Buffalo up to 83 degrees right now. Burlington had a record high, up to 73. Those 70s are in our forecast for the next couple of days. The rain, though, that's swirling in the Great Lakes, it's going to take a while. Doesn't get here until Sunday.

So tonight, we'll see mainly clear skies, upper 30s to low 40s. Seasonable start to the day tomorrow, very little wind. And some of the warmer spots will actually be the higher elevations, the cooler air sinking down into the valleys.

And then tomorrow, perfect day. I mean, top 10 weather day. You got to go outside. Whatever you can to spend as much time outdoors. Air out the house, air out the schools, open the windows as much as possible. In the 70s for the inland areas. A lighter sea breeze tomorrow, so it'll be a bit milder near the coastline. Still cooler than the inland areas, but not as chilly as what we had today, if you call it chilly today.

Then on Saturday, a southwest breeze. This is our warmest day of the stretch, well into the 70s for inland spots. 50s and 60s on the South Coast. Pretty tremendous spring fever kind of day. Resist the urge to do too much gardening unless it's frost-tolerant stuff. It is still early April, and so there will be frost chances down the road.

And a total shift when you go towards Sunday. 50s in the morning, but falling into the 40s. Some scattered showers developing. This is a good watch the Masters, take a nap kind of afternoon. We'll see those clouds increasing for us. It's a grayer, day, it's a much cooler day. The wind turns off the water. I think the rain showers develop mid to late morning. They'll arrive in Central Mass first, then make their way over toward the Boston area.

In terms of soaking rainfall, though, I'm still not sure we get that much. A half-inch or more looks more likely from Worcester south and west. The lowest totals will be up toward Essex County and into southeastern New Hampshire, where you might just get some scattered showers there.

And next week, it is a pattern that's unsettled. None of these days are pouring rain, but some scattered showers on Monday, maybe some more on Wednesday. Seasonable temperatures, mostly in the 50s next week.