WBZ Evening Forecast For February 17, 2021

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- A slow-moving storm is rolling in with more snow.

- I'm not sure how I feel about this. In some ways I like my storm just get it over with.

- Over and done with.

- But it's also easier--

- Kind of nice.

- --to clean up, Eric, when it takes forever.

- Yeah.

ERIC FISHER: It's going to be manageable storm. I think one impact would be, since it's going to be snowing kind of intermittently for a couple of days, it does start to wear down a lot of the plow crews. Even if they're not scraping up a lot at a time, they're out there, they're working, and putting down more salts and road treatment. And when things are drawn out, that does have an impact.

This will be starting tomorrow afternoon for many. Doesn't really wrap up until late Friday night, but it's just not an intense storm system, if you will. Think the slick travel is going to have the biggest impact tomorrow as the sun goes down through the overnight hours. OK on Friday. Temperatures will be warm enough. We've got a sun angle this time of the year where if it's not really snowing or not really unusually cold, then the roads are usually very manageable.

Significant coastal impacts. Winds, not really a part of this system at all. We look across the country and things are starting to at least get a little bit better for this severe arctic outbreak across the middle of the nation. Still well below the average, but they're on the road to some recovery.

Tonight we're in the 20s to low 30s. And we'll quickly dip back into the teens as high pressure builds and gives us a shot of some colder air. There you see the snow moving across the south, finally leaving Oklahoma and Texas. But heavy snow in Arkansas and into Western Tennessee this evening. And then, eventually, that snow makes it to us. So tonight, a quick drop into the teens to around 20, and then clouds will increase and we'll level off. We'll start the day around 20 or so tomorrow. And it will be chilly again. High temps just around 30 degrees. Below 30 for Central Mass and lower 30s closer to the coast.

Here's how things will likely play out. We head toward lunchtime in the afternoon, steadier snow will develop, especially south of the Mass Pike. If you're near the south coast and the Cape, this is where you'll get some better rates, some lower visibility, some slick travel. If you're north of the Mass Pike or into New Hampshire, there are some flurries or snow showers but very little going on. Travel not really impacted there.

Then during the overnight hours, again, we're kind of ebb and flow here. We've got some light to moderate snowfall on and off overnight. During the day on Friday, snow in the air. Not really doing a whole lot. Friday night, more of the same thing. Some raindrops will likely mix in on the cape. Maybe a few sleet pellets. And then eventually coming to an end by Saturday morning.

So when you look at the numbers, there's a big difference between a storm that puts down 4 to 6 inches in four hours-- you get it all at once-- or 4 to 6 inches that's drawn out over a couple of days. I mean, easy to keep up with. Not big, just freshening up the landscape, if you will. North and west, lower amounts farther away from the storm system. Some mixing toward the cape and especially the islands holds down amounts a little bit there. So all snow for most inland spots. The mixy areas will be parts of the south shore, especially into Plymouth County and then down toward the Cape Cod, the islands. And overall, it's just going to be a bit of a sloppy and a gray system.

Temps tomorrow upper 20s to low 30s. A little milder on Friday, which is why I think the roads are going to be in OK shape. Once you're around or over freezing and the intensity's not there, you really don't do much on the pavement this time of the year. In terms of impact, big question we get, vaccine appointments. Is it OK to go? Especially if you're north of the pike tomorrow, no impacts. Moderate if you're near the south coast. Friday I think we're going to be in pretty good shape after the early morning hours. Saturday and Sunday look like they'll be just fine. Some flurries, some clouds, and low 30s on Saturday. It's going to be a pretty chilly start to the weekend. Still chilly on Sunday, but we'll get brighter sunshine and less wind. Good weekend to maybe tap some maple trees if you like to do the backyard maple syrup as things start to warm up a little bit next week.

Next system we'll watch, some scattered rain and snow showers on Monday. After this, a chance for a bit of a milder stretch. We'll get into some 40s for Tuesday and Wednesday and I think that's going to hold for a good part of next week. Starting to take on a bit more of that feel of March and less so of February, next week being the last week of February.