WBZ Evening Forecast For February 19

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

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- Picture perfect.

ERIC FISHER: Well, certainly a winter day. A February day out there across the area. While the sun was up, the roads in pretty good shape. Sun's down now, roads will be very slick. And this is where we'll actually see some accumulation on the pavement as we make our way into the overnight.

This is the last stage of the storm, but some steady snowfall out there. During this last burst, the back edge making its way through Western Mass and Connecticut. You can see right now, some heavier snowfall into New Hampshire and central Mass, Boston area, and even into southeastern Massachusetts.

And, again, for many, you know, as we struggled to accumulate while the sun was up today, this is gonna be the best chance of seeing that accumulating snow. Right now, steadiest around the 93 area down to parts of northeastern Mass, Essex County, seacoast.

And into Boston, steady snowfall. Also watching some steady snow in the middle of the state, but there you see a little bit of drying happening toward the Connecticut River Valley. That will be the end of the snow slowly pushing east. Good burst of snowfall here around much of the south shore and heading to the south coast.

And the cape at times has been mixing with rain, especially toward the islands. It's been holding down accumulations, but I do think you'll switch over to all snow and get some additional amounts out there tonight.

So far, I mean, the number one total was from yesterday, as far as start of the storm, and that was 5.6 in Oak Bluffs, out in the vineyard. Over 4 in Rockland, and I think that's gonna the corridor of the highest amounts when all is said and done. It's those interior south shore towns where ocean effect will linger the longest overnight tonight.

Danvers is at three-and-a-half. About three in Hopkinton. Same as Shrewsbury. Foxboro's at two. Littleton around two, as well. And so most are gonna be three, four, and even some fives when all is said and done. Temperatures in the 20s to low 30s. And we'll watch that back edge slowly push its way eastbound.

By about 9:00, we'll be winding things down in central Mass, southern New Hampshire. But if you're along the coastline here, some ocean effect snow showers are gonna linger well past midnight. And even some flurries into tomorrow morning, especially toward Cape Cod. So a slow wind down for those spots. And that's why we'll see the biggest totals.

The best chance for three additional is right along that south shore corridor near Route 3, and especially on the western side of it. Another coating to an inch in central Mass and into New Hampshire, although the seacoast area could get one to three before we wrap things up. Travel will be slickest overnight into early tomorrow morning.

As the sun comes out again tomorrow, again, we'll see the pavement become in a much better shape for any travel. So not expecting any major issues. Temperatures tonight in the 20s. Watch out for the iciness. And then tomorrow we'll see partial sunshine, as high pressure builds in. It's a chilly day. Might be a few flurries scattered about. More clouds than sun expected.

And then on Sunday we'll get full blue sky, less wind, but still a chilly day. High temps will be in the low to mid-30s for both Saturday and Sunday. I'd call Sunday the pick to get outdoors, just with some brighter sun on our side. Tomorrow starting in the 20s, the northwest breeze will be about 10 to 20 miles-per-hour during the afternoon.

We will see some melting because just the time of the year. If you're above freezing, you'll certainly see a little reduction in the snow. And the same idea for Sunday, especially under those bright blue skies for the second half of the weekend.

Great couple of days to hit the slopes. They're in excellent shape. It's been a great month of February. Good vacation week. Really comfortable temperatures, too, over the course of this weekend.

And this weekend means we're three weeks away from daylight saving time. It's on the latest possible date this year because of course it is. And Saturday sun rises at 6:33. The sun set is at 5:23. And to go along with that little nugget, we're also tracking a bit of a pattern change next week. There's still a chance of snow on Monday. It's mostly for interior towns.

If you're north and west of 495, we could see some minor snowfall before changing over to rain. If you're in the Boston area, the coast, it will be majority rain on Monday to start next week. And then we'll talk about some 40s. And some towns do top 40 on Monday, especially south of the pike.

But 40s for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will certainly be next week. We'll be hearing the sound of melting snow, a little dripping coming off the gutters and the icicles hanging from a lot of homes right now.

Lisa and David, back to you.