WBZ Evening Forecast For February 20

Sarah Wroblewski has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Go ahead and talk weather now. Hope you're enjoying the calm weekend. Calm. But, Sarah, Monday looks kind of dicey.

SARAH WROBLEWSKI: Oh, we're in this pattern, right, where we continue to watch for more storms. But the one that we just went through, that allowed for some snow across the region for a number of days. And our snow depth looking pretty fantastic, even down across the southeast. Parts of the Cape picking up six, seven inches of snow. West Falmouth, 7 and 1/2.

Much of the area picked up a widespread, I would say, four to seven inches, locally higher in some parts, and further north and west a little bit lighter. Boston picked up 5.7 inches of snow. And that puts us for the month above average at 15.3 and more snow than we had all of last year.

So, we're looking pretty OK for the season, above average. We're below average, though, for temperatures, but I think we're going to see some changes this week as temperatures begin to improve.

The jet stream, which divides that cold and mild air, but also acts like a highway for our storms, well, it will still stay over our area. It should lift to the north. That is great news for places like Texas and other southern states. But for us, it also means we're going to see a little bit of a warm up.

As we take a look at the surface map right now, high pressure builds on in tonight into tomorrow. But here's our next storm system that we'll be eyeing for Monday. This one looks to bring in some of that milder air, so it's more of a mix than an all-snow event like we just experienced.

That storm that came on through now well off the coast, but as high pressure tries to build on it, we've got these winds out of the north-northwest, that are still creating and stirring up those clouds for the day today and allowing for a few flurries. I expect most of this moisture to diminish as we go on through the evening hours.

Temperatures right now in the 20s, near 30. So if we did see any snow melt from that sunshine today, just be aware there could be some icy spots, but most of the main roads look to be fairly dry.

That wind also adding a bit of a chill, feels like the teens and 20s. And we're headed into the teens north and west tonight. Again, watch for that refreeze. Winds will be breezy out of the northwest, but then lighten up tomorrow. Mostly sunny, as high pressure is in control, and it'll be close to freezing, if not just above, in a few locations. Really great for hitting the slopes.

And as you head into Monday, Tuesday, that's when we're tracking our next storm system. And it does look as though we could see some snow for areas north and west. Taking a look at the chance of an inch of snow, higher risks north and west. Doesn't look to be a blockbuster storm, but we could see a few inches out of this one as you travel outside of 495.

Getting closer into Boston, a much lower risk, and this is why. As high pressure pushes to the south and east Monday morning, we get mostly cloudy skies, perhaps a few flurries, but then that warmer air works on in. So while we'll see snow through the interior along the immediate coast southeast, this looks to be just mainly rain.

But it moves on out of here pretty fast, too, so by Tuesday, we're actually drying out. High pressure to our south. Could see a few showers north and west as a disturbance passes on by, but we're watching those winds shift to the southwest, and that will bring in some milder air.

Take a look at the 7 Day Forecast because you'll see temperatures climb into the 40s as we go through next week, perhaps even topping out in the mid to upper 40s by Wednesday. It will surely feel like spring after all this snow, right Ken? There's a chance--

- 48? Yeah.

SARAH WROBLEWSKI: There's a chance of some showers on Thursday, and then cooler weather to follow.