WBZ Evening Forecast For February 22

Eric Fisher has an updated weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- Here we are, David. Last full week of February. Psychologically, winter ends for me this weekend.

- I could use something psychologically, I think, at this point. And some warmer temperatures, possibly 50 on Wednesday. Eric.

ERIC FISHER: We've got a couple of chances up around 50 degrees, and so we've really changed. We probably felt that this weekend. On Sunday, the sun was so strong, even in the low 30s. There is that melting, there is that feel that it was a peak weekend for winter sports. But you could tell that things were starting to take on a different kind of feel with the sunshine. And so we're going to see more of that in the days ahead.

Tonight it's kind of an ugly mix across the area. System that's quickly moving on by. Some steady rainfall for most of the region. The snow confines mostly to central Mass, the higher elevations, and into southwestern New Hampshire. Seeing that snow line start to retreat a little bit more here. In northern Worcester county, we're still snowing. Monadnock region as well. Even over toward the 93 Corridor into Derry and Manchester, and up toward Concord. Meanwhile all rain near the sea coast into the Merrimack Valley.

This is a different product on radar. We call it correlation coefficient. Basically, is everything the same size where the radar is looking? It's a neat little tool. Where you see these bright yellows, this is the melt ring. This is showing all the melting snowflakes that are above our head, and where those snowflakes are melting. You notice that line that just went through Worcester? Well just like that, the visibility went up to three miles, so the airport likely now changing over to rain. So a good way to verify what's happening on the ground.

North and West of the city this is where we still have some snow continuing. Temperatures largely above freezing, even some 40s in southeastern Mass. You're slickest spots here around 32 where the snow is coming down, especially now that the sun has set. The back edge moves through by 7 o'clock in central Mass and southern New Hampshire, by 8 o'clock around Boston. Cape Cod, the islands, around 9 to 10 o'clock tonight.

And again the 1 to 3 inch accumulations, northern Worcester county toward the Monadnock region. Lesser amounts off to the East, and all rain in the 128 and 495 corridors. Tonight's lows will fall back in the upper 20s to low 30s. So watch for some late night icy spots out there and any untreated surfaces.

Then as we look toward the rest of the week, well a couple of systems to watch. Generally weak tomorrow, we'll see building clouds, a chance for an afternoon flurry or rain shower. Then on Wednesday, a mild day ahead of this system. Overnight again, a passing rain shower will be possible. And then a burst of some colder air for Thursday into Friday. Nothing major after tonight.

Tomorrow's highs will be in the low 40s. Your best chance of sunshine, tomorrow morning. You wake up, birds will be singing a little bit, not as cold as it starts. The clouds fill in, and a chance for an afternoon rain or snow shower. But there'll be some melting out there, especially after today's rainfall. For many, that will soften up the snow pack a little bit.

And then on Wednesday we're in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees it'll be chilliest across the higher terrain, but this is one of the milder days we've had recently. And certainly it'll be the pick of the week to get outside. Wednesday is the winner. Thursday, a little cooler. Chilliest day will be on Friday. We'll stay in the 30s, but we will have some bright sunshine.

Most of ski country, unaffected by the rain today. They're in excellent shape. It's been a perfect February, and it looks like those conditions will stay pretty good. The next system we'll watch as we head toward the weekend will be on Saturday. And this one right now looks to feature a chance for some rain, and maybe some wet snow flakes mixed in.

At this point, it doesn't look to be a big storm system but something we'll watch this week. It looks dry and mild on Sunday. So that 7 Day has a different flavor. Things have definitely turned after the weekend that felt very chilly out there. And so melting for much of the region on the menu this week Paula and David, back to you.

- All right, Eric. Thank you.