WBZ Evening Forecast Forecast For March 29

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

LISA HUGHES: --been talking about what a nice March this has been. But boy, it was windy today.

- Yeah. I have some branches scattered across my yard. I need to make a trip to the dump because of the wind today here, Eric.

ERIC FISHER: A lot of natural pruning going on this month of March. We've had a few high wind events here at the start of the month, and one in the middle, and now another one here to finish things up. And each one of them having some gusts over 50 miles per hour. This is the windiest month of the year. And we always get questions, has this been windier than usual in March and April? This has been a little bit windier than average, but not too far off the mark.

Those winds diminished tonight. A beauty is on the way for tomorrow. It's the pick of the week to get outside. It'll be a mild finish to the month of March. Temperatures quickly rebounding, some 60s returning, and then we track some rain for the mid to end of the week here Wednesday night into Thursday.

Those winds-- again, they're still out there. They're still gusty. But they're nothing like what we had earlier on today. So that weakening trend continues as the sun starts to go down. Temps in the 40s and 50s out there. Plenty of mild air still off to our West. The 70s up into Minnesota this afternoon, and so that air will be heading toward us for Tuesday and Wednesday to close out the ledger on the month.

High pressure drifting off to our south here, allowing those winds to start to weaken. And then we'll get into a chilly but nice start to the day tomorrow. And you see that trend after 10 o'clock tonight. I'm expecting much in the way of wind. There's some minor power outages right now, and it looks like they'll be able to get that power restored pretty quickly as we head into the first half of the night.

Tomorrow, again, a chilly morning. Upper 20s to low 30s out there. Some frost in many towns. But as we get toward the midday and afternoon, it's a beauty. It's a nice spring day, a light southerly breeze. We'll keep our cooler temperatures near the south coast and the Cape, in the 50s there. Should make the low 60s, though, for most interior spots around in north and west of Boston. So if there's one day this week to make sure you get outside, tomorrow is the one.

Now, it's warmer on Wednesday. We'll get into the middle 60s in some towns. But we'll have more cloud cover to go along with it. So for pure enjoyment factor, if you will. I think tomorrow is going to be the winner.

And for March snow, we had 1/10 of an inch in Boston this month of March. Last year, there was none. So this is the least snow on record for consecutive Marches here in the city at just a tenth. We had that snow squall on the 14th. Our seasonal total in Boston stands at 38 and 1/2, about 10 inches below average for a season. Worcester is very close to their average in central Massachusetts.

No snow with the next system here, but we do expect a drenching rainfall as we head toward Wednesday night. So late Wednesday, the rain starts to roll in. We'll have some steady rainfall Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. This'll be a good soaking. What's been a pretty dry month, kind of catching up at the end here. So we'll keep seeing things turn green. I've just noticed the grass turning a lot greener in the last couple of days.

There may be some snowflakes toward the Berkshires heading up to the greens with this one, but for us here at home, I think it's mostly just going to be rainfall. In terms of that amount, we'll talk about an inch, maybe a little more than an inch of rain in some towns here. So again, expecting a significant drenching with that the.

Question for the Sox is, when will that rain wind down on Thursday? It looks like somewhere early to mid-afternoon. So we may be able to play the game, although the field is going to be drenched. It'll be getting much colder. We're going to start the day around 60 degrees, but the afternoon's going to be falling into the 30s and 40s and the wind picking up. So it looks a little bit sketchy here as to whether or not they're going to play. We'll keep an eye on the forecast for you. Friday would be playable, but chilly, as we look toward the end of the week.

Pollen counts-- they're getting higher here, and that will continue for Tuesday and Wednesday. Noticing some trees starting to bloom in around Boston, some coastal towns starting to get more of that activity, and that will just accelerate for the next couple of days.

A little bit of a stall, though, at the end of the week, as highs will be in the 40s on Friday. Breezy and chillier end to the week for us. And notice the overnight lows. We should see the 20s on Thursday night and Friday night. So hopefully, none of the early starting buds are going to get damaged there. Does look nice for the upcoming Easter weekend, 50s to near 60 by Sunday. Lisa and David, back to you.