WBZ Evening Forecast For June 2, 2021

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Yeah, we're thinking about 90s over the next couple of days here, Eric.

ERIC FISHER: All of a sudden, you go from talking about cold rain and snow in the mountains to 90s, classic. Never boring around here for sure.

And notice ton of those jellyfish in Boston Harbor as well lately. A lot of moon jellies with the lions manes have been mixed in as well, something to keep an eye on in the days ahead.

Today, pretty nice early June day. High of 79, low of 58 in Boston. Comfortable evening. The south breeze has cooled things off near the South Coast and the Cape, largely in the 60s out there tonight.

Then clouds are starting to thicken up a little bit after some sunshine. Been watching some rain off to the west, some showers toward the Berkshires. And a couple of these may just cross the Connecticut River and get into northern Worcester County or toward the Monadnock region this evening. Few raindrops, but most of this rain is heading off to our north into Vermont and across northern parts of New England.

We'll be watching the round that's down by Virginia and North Carolina this evening. That arrives around tomorrow morning-- a chance for some rain to start the day.

But tonight, mainly cloudy skies. We'll see temps bottoming out in the 50s by sunrise tomorrow. Though it does start to feel a little bit more muggy. And that's going to be a staple of the forecast going forward.

Tomorrow is kind of a split. First half of the day, best chance of rain is going to be from about the Boston to Worcester area south and east. You've got the best chance for some morning showers and a couple of downpours mixed in. Meanwhile, north and west, you'd be mainly dry.

And then we flip it around as we head toward the late afternoon and the evening. Best chance for some end of the day rain will be across the interior north and west of Boston. There may be some thunder and lightning mixed in. Although no severe weather is really expected tomorrow evening.

So it's about a 50-50 day, depending on where you live. A lot of clouds though, muggy feel. High temperatures get close to 70 degrees. It'll be a little bit milder for the inland spots, topping 70. Coolest near the South Coast and the Cape, where our highs will stay stuck in the 60s for tomorrow. But that humidity moving up is going to make it feel more soupy outside.

And then we'll still be watching this front as it slowly pushes in on Friday. And along it during the day on Friday, couple more showers and thunderstorms are likely going to pop up. Not a washout day, but a chance for some scattered soaking here and there in a few towns, and some of that thunder and lightning. If there are any graduations or prom ceremonies that'll be taking place outside, something we'll have to watch on Friday afternoon.

Does look like we'll be drying out, though, as we head into the weekend. But drying out in terms of rain chances, not the dew points. They're going to climb up into the 60s and basically stay there into early next week.

So this is the first stretch we've really had so far this year with some consistent humidity in the air. It's humid, but not the tropical stuff. That's your dew points over 70.

For the WooSox, taking on Rochester, a chance for a shower tomorrow evening. Most action may stay just north and west though. And Friday, there will be an early storm risk before we dry out around sunset time.

And then the weekend, it's all about the jet stream heading north, taking its summer vacation, moving up into Canada. And this is going to produce a hot stretch of weather across much of the Eastern United States.

For us, it's 80s on Saturday with partly cloudy skies. Sunday, a chance to hit the low 90s with some of that classic hazy, hot, and humid, triple-H weather. And it looks like a heat wave, which is at least three straight days of 90 degree temperatures. In fact, some mid 90s look possible on Monday and Tuesday of next week. We had several heat waves last year. Most of them were in July and August.

But you can see the overall look here, looking out over the next week or so, favoring warmer than average conditions from the Great Lakes into the Northeast.

And it certainly shows up on our seven day here. Make sure the pool's ready to go or make some beach plans. Or just make sure the AC is tuned up here. It looks like a chance for 90 plus on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for many spots in the area. Much warmer nights too.