WBZ Evening Forecast For June 3

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ERIC FISHER: Yeah, we're going be talking about that old summer swelter making its way on in as we head toward the weekend. Before we get there, we'll be watching some scattered downpours and storms tomorrow.

The humidity that we have now basically stays with us through the weekend. But we crank up the heat. And it looks like it peaks on Monday and Tuesday, where some mid 90s are going to be possible.

Today's rain has mostly been skirting across southeastern parts of the state, especially toward the islands. Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket-- around a quarter inch of rainfall out of this one. Not much happening right now.

But we are looking off to the west. Some showers and storms in New York state and down to Pennsylvania, and some of this activity should survive the trip eastbound tonight. So some scattered showers, maybe even a quick downpour will be likely.

And with that increasing humidity and the higher dew points, we get warmer overnights. So we'll look at lows in the 60s this evening with that breeze out of the south.

There will be a chance for some overnight rain. Most of it is after 9:00 PM. Some scattered showers, again, that could be a downpour or two mixed in. And even into tomorrow morning, a chance for a couple of showers, especially toward Cape Cod and the islands.

Then as we head into the afternoon, warmer time of day, cold front approaches. We'll look at some downpours and storms flaring up, I think starting around 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

Most likely spots tomorrow, I know it's a big day for outdoor graduations, proms, events, and we'll be looking towards Central Massachusetts. Basically, if you drew a line from Boston to Providence, north and west, this is where you have the highest risk of some of these storms and downpours. They'll be slow movers with some torrential rainfall now that we have more of that tropical air.

And then as we head towards 7, 8 o'clock, that activity is expected to wind down. So as the evening goes on, it tends to be dryer. Main impact be the locally heavy downpours, some gusty winds, and any storms that develop. And of course, always watching some lightning.

High temperatures will be in the 70s to around 80 degrees. Cooler on the South Coast and the Cape again, mostly in the 60s with that breeze off the water down to the southwest tomorrow.

Then that cold front is going to push on through. It's not colder behind it. In fact, it gets hotter. It's more of just an air mass and wind shift than anything else. If you're in Northern New England, doing some camping or hiking this weekend, there'll be a chance for some late-day storms on Saturday. And could be another one or two on Sunday afternoon. Although I think here at home, it's likely going to be mainly dry.

Well into the 80s on Saturday. Wouldn't be shocked if a town or two hit 90 degrees to start the heat wave on Saturday. But Sunday for most towns is going to be the day. Lower 90s there. Triple H-- hazy, hot, and humid whether. It's a pool and beach kind of weekend.

The dew points are going to be in the 60s all the way through. It's not the really tropical stuff where dew points are over 70. But it's definitely humid enough to notice, especially when you have temperatures like this.

Looks like the peak days for heat, some mid 90s would be on Monday and Tuesday. So make sure you have some plans to find a way to cool off as we start next week. Should be our first heat wave in the city since August of last year.

And none of those temps would be records for the date, by the way. Our record's 100 degrees on Sunday. So it has been hot this time of the year. It's certainly not a stranger to see heat waves in June.

To the Cape, the islands, the only thing we'll be watching here on Saturday and Sunday, good beach weather, but with that muggy flow off the water, some areas of low ocean clouds and fog would be likely, especially during the morning hours. So something to watch out for there. The South Shore, North Shore, and Sea Coast would probably be clear of that fog this weekend.

Up toward the lakes region, it's mostly sunny weather. It's warm this weekend. Good time to be in the lake, but watch out for a pop-up storm both on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Then next week, the heat keeps on going to at least Wednesday. And then a chance for some storms late Wednesday. We'll see if we can cool things off a little bit for Thursday and Friday. In this case, cooler is 70s and 80s as we get toward the end of the next week. But it will feel better after that stretch.