WBZ Evening Forecast For June 4

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript


LISA HUGHES: Well, after one cold, rainy weekend, sounds like things are heating up with a little drama in the weather.

DAVID WADE: A little bit of drama, but it could have been a lot of drama, right, Eric?

ERIC FISHER: Well, today is a busy day, right? There's a lot of graduations, a lot of proms. People are trying to get everything in here. It's a lot of pressure because it's been a long year, right? And you want to get outside.

Well, most of the area in pretty good shape heading into the evening here. If you're around the Mass Pike or to the north, you're in the clear. There's still some scattered showers and downpours in Southeastern Mass and heading down toward the Cape.

The biggest thunderstorms are back toward Connecticut. Actually, golf ball-sized hail there in Connecticut with one of those thunderstorms. And that's why we have some clouds around Boston. Those are the anvils spreading out from those Connecticut storms.

But in terms of our rainfall, it's on the downswing as it approaches the South Coast and the Cape. We've had the fog today, the wind off the water, cooler temperatures, less juice to work with. Still some downpours making their way through Plymouth and out across the Harbor this evening, into Middleborough and Halifax, picking up some rainfall. Also some lighter rain now into Fall River in Somerset after another storm came through a little bit earlier on today.

But look at those temps. 69, New Bedford. 68 in Plymouth. You got a little something to work with, but 60 on the Vineyard, 62 in Hyannis. So some showers on the Cape and the islands possible this evening, but nothing strong is expected.

Meanwhile, the sun has jumped out. Up around 80 degrees into New Hampshire and Northern Mass, making for a nice summer night. So over the next hour or so, the last of these showers will still be percolating down toward the South Coast. And then they'll dissipate as we head past sunset. In fact, some towns may get a really nice sunset tonight on the edge of all those thunderstorms.

So tonight's lows after we clear out falling down around 60 degrees. A mild start tomorrow. You might want to wake up pretty early. Take advantage of it because here comes the heat. Tomorrow is that first hot day in the stretch.

There's also going to be a west-southwest breeze and a pretty good one. So that'll help us out to cool off a little bit. But it also brings the warmer air right to the coastline. So if you're heading to the beaches along the South Shore, the North Shore, the Sea Coast, be just about as hot as anywhere else, close to 90 degrees in many areas. Mix of sun and clouds on Saturday.

Sunday, we hit the low 90s, and our heat wave is underway across New England. Looks like we'll touch 90 in Boston. 91 in Bedford and Nashua for tomorrow. Our cooler air will be around Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod, and the islands. And you'll also start off slow. I would expect a good amount of that low ocean cloud and some fog tomorrow morning. It may last all the way until early afternoon in around the sound before things start to clear out. So it won't be a perfect beach day.

I think it'll be less of an issue on Sunday if you're on the Cape and the islands, and reaching the 80s. Meanwhile, it's a roaster for everybody else, well into the 90s on Sunday afternoon.

And it's the first real big hot stretch of the year. Takes a while to acclimate our bodies to it. So take it easy. Make sure you have plenty of water ready to go. Could be a five-day heat wave in some towns. And it looks like the hottest day of this stretch is going to end up being Monday as we start next week.

Dew points will be in the 60s. It's not the really tropical stuff, but it's definitely noticeable. It's air conditioner territory. Tuesday, we may get a brief spike into dew points with the 70s making their way on in. So that would be the most tropical day of this run.

Little focus on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket. Again, I expect a slow start tomorrow with the low clouds and the fog, a better afternoon and evening. Sunday looks brighter and warmer, topping 80.

Would you believe the water is colder than it was at this point a week ago? Last weekend dented that water temperature so much that we're just getting back. Temps are mostly in the 50s. It's chilly, so keep that in mind if you're close to the ocean over the next couple of days.

Up toward the lakes region, watch out for a chance of a strong thunderstorm late in the day tomorrow. I'll be watching the skies here Saturday afternoon and evening. There could be an isolated storm on Sunday as well.

So next week, hot start Monday and Tuesday, uncomfortable outside. Wednesday, one last hot day before some thunderstorms roll through. And it looks like that will bring in a cooler, more comfortable, and drier stretch at the end of next week. And it looks like that will hang around. We're not going to jump right back into the 90s.