WBZ Evening Forecast For June 8, 2021

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

LISA HUGHES: Needed the sunglasses today until about 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

ERIC FISHER: Yeah, those clouds are growing. You could see them building in the sky all afternoon in the heat, the humidity of the day. And now some storms, some rain we've been tracking over the course of this afternoon.

There's a system that's kind of cruising through the mid levels of the atmosphere. It's still back in New York state. So even though things are drying out, could still be a lingering shower overnight if you haven't had any rain yet.

So here's a look at the radar as we speak. And right now there's one storm that we've been tracking. This has been the strongest one of the afternoon. But it's starting to fall apart now. There is still a severe thunderstorm warning on it until 7 o'clock in Randolph, Rockland, and Hingham. Although I anticipate it's going to continue to weaken as it heads farther off toward the east.

The core of it right now is over Canton and Stoughton. Some heavy rainfall here just moved into Randolph as well as Avon. We had on radar a little down burst right on 95, right on the Sharon-Canton line a short while ago. That's when basically the storm is falling apart. It collapses. And as it falls down, it brings some stronger wind gusts. If you had some stronger winds right along that 95 corridor, that was it.

When you look at radar here, this is velocity or wind speed. The red is away from the radar, which is in Taunton. The green is toward the radar. So you can see how it hits the ground, and then spreads out and splits once it hits the ground level. And that's what we're looking at there. But those winds have tended to weaken a little bit in the last few scans.

Got some heavier rainfall here in New Hampshire. It's been pouring in around the Keene area and northern parts of Cheshire County. There's still a flash flood warning here until 8:45. Watch out on the roadways.

Some steadier rainfall into the Newfields area, Portsmouth, Hampton, but this heavier storm has moved offshore. You also hear the thunder in Manchester and Gloucester from this one. But that, too, is now moving offshore.

And there's some steady rain. This is just the good old beneficial stuff, moving through northern parts of Worcester County. And that will try to make its way a little farther east this evening. Flash flood watch will stay out until 10:00 for any of those storms that could produce locally heavy rainfall and some flash flooding on the roads. I do think they're going to play at Fenway Park tonight, by the way.

As for our heat wave, today at 95, day four. Have one more chance tomorrow before we break the back of the heat wave and talk about some much cooler and drier air. Still in the 70s and 80s at this point. The natural AC has been in full force on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, in the 60s right now.

But because there isn't a cold front coming through, this is the type of rain that just makes it more humid. Dew points up to 74 in Springfield, 72 in Boston, 73 in Lawrence. It will stay very humid tonight.

Overnight lows, again, low 70s in many spots. A chance for a passing shower or a thunderstorm. And then tomorrow, it's our last hot and steamy day. Still very humid outdoors and a chance to hit 90 degrees. We'll also look at a chance for a couple more storms.

Overnight tonight, again, a passing shower, downpours still possible. Tomorrow, we'll watch that front start to come down from the north. After lunchtime, a chance for a passing shower or thunderstorm. Not expecting severe weather with these. And then we'll start to talk about that change.

They just hit 90 in most spots away from the immediate shoreline tomorrow before we start to look at that change in the air mass. And the humidity-- well, the dew points stay very steamy. 8 o'clock tomorrow night, still steamy. Then the drier air comes in. And by Thursday, it's a wholesale change. And those dew points will stay lower Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

In fact, Thursday looks like the nicest day of the entire week to get outdoors. Highs will be in the 70s to low 80s with the sunshine and that lower humidity. Big drink of water on Thursday compared to where we've been.

Friday, even cooler, in the 70s. And the weekend's looking pretty good. I'd say a slight chance for some pop-up showers on Saturday. Otherwise, in good shape.