WBZ Evening Forecast For June 9, 2021

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

- It has been hot, hot, hot around here. And that's all going to start to fade away to nicer temperatures.

- Are we to be able to open the windows over the next couple of days?

ERIC FISHER: I think you could do just that. Yes, absolutely. Give the air conditioners a little rest here as we head into the end of the week and the weekend. Today ended our five day heat wave. Today, just hit 91 at 6 o'clock as a matter of fact, for our high temperature. Seven days have hit 90 so far this year, which ties the most on record at this point in the season, pretty early on to already be at seven. Also happened back in 1930.

Today also, it was a hot day in 1953 in one of our more infamous weather events, the Worcester tornado which is the worst tornado to hit the state of Massachusetts. Saw on the ground for almost an hour and a half, went through Holden, Worcester, Shrewsbury, among other communities. This is an F-4 and they actually looked at it again to see if it was an F-5 tornado. They didn't actually do tornado surveys back in the '50s. Just hasn't happened yet. They hadn't gone through the science of it.

And so they weren't able to determine if it was all the way up at the top of the scale. But it was very close. 94 fatalities and over 1,200 injuries. One of the first radar images of a storm that was ever captured. It was from an MIT radar out of the Lincoln Labs. And there's the hook echo. This is the original hook echo, if you will, as it was out by Holden. This is what it looked like on a research radar. And this is actually a storm in a year that led to the rollout of weather radar across the United States. As bad as it was here, it really pushed the science forward.

Today, no storms popping. But very warm outside in the 80s to around 90 degrees. Dew points have started their fall now crashing into the 50s around Essex County and New Hampshire. If you've been outside, I'm sure you've noticed a big change in the air. That will continue to head South tonight. It's not really a lot cooler. I mean, it is cooler. But it's not a strong cold front. It's more of that dryness that's moving in that is going to become very noticeable over the next couple of days.

All the storms, though, they've been up by the Connecticut River Valley. It looks like we've missed our window for any to pop up around here locally. The story tonight, just watching the drier air continue to move on down. By tomorrow morning, it'll be crisp outside. Dew points in the 40s, which is a wholesale change in how much moisture is in the atmosphere. Temperatures will be in the upper 50s to low 60s to kick off the day. It looks like a beauty. And the 70s across Eastern Mass, low 80s inland, not too much wind. And again, a good amount of sunshine tomorrow. So tomorrow is a day to get outside. No doubt about that.

Very similar on Friday. Mix of sun and clouds in the 70s. And again, very low humidity. Dew points will stay low through Saturday. There'll be a little spike on Sunday during the second half of the weekend. But that too looks to be pretty brief. So we're saying goodbye to the big heat for now. The Cape, the islands, will be around 70 for tomorrow and Friday. A good amount of sunshine. Saturday, more cloud cover around as we kick off the weekend in the upper 60s. This stretch has warmed up the ocean quite a bit, temperatures now in the 60s. Cool, yes. But a lot of progress over the last five days.

Up to the lakes region in the 70s for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It looks like a very nice stretch of weather there. One thing we'll be watching for, a chance for a few showers Friday night into early on Saturday morning as we start the weekend. Might be a slow start to the day. Looks warmer on Sunday, back around 80. Some late day showers and storms. And close to 80 on Monday and Tuesday as well to start next week.