WBZ Evening Forecast For March 12

Eric Fisher has an updated weather forecast.

Video Transcript

PAULA EBBEN: Well, let's get to Eric and talk about the weekend because, just relieved that we're going to see sun. We know in March we have to keep bundling up and then it will get warmer again. It just depends on when.

ERIC FISHER: Par for the course. We're going to be back and forth for a while here as we have that bumpy road on our way to spring. Today, it certainly felt like one of the smooth stretches. Hopefully you got outside. Beautiful, well into the 60s for most of eastern Massachusetts, and 50s for some of the higher terrain. But a great day to get outdoors. One thing that's certain, we've had a ton of sunshine. And that is something we do not say very frequently in the month of March.

We've had a dry stretch here. It's also gonna lead to a number of brush fires. We already had some today. That's going to continue for the next several. We have very dry air and very dry ground in many spots. And this will actually be the driest stretch in about 100 years for the month of March. That's the last time we went 14 days without any precipitation in Boston during this month, which is generally one of our stormiest. Temps right now, still mild. If you're heading outside, great evening, as we get ready for the weekend.

That colder air is across New York state. It's not cold per say, but it's all relative as we have a change from the mild air that we've had for the last couple. And when we're trying to change out those air masses, we bring in the winds. That wind is going to be ripping again outside tonight. We have wind advisories region wide. Lots of 30 to 50 mile per hour gusts, but there could be some 55 mile per hour gusts across the higher terrain in central Mass and out toward the Berkshires as well. And this will arrive right around 9:00 to 10:00 PM tonight.

All of a sudden, here we go. Gusting all over the place. Will be a chance for some scattered damage and scattered power outages. I don't think it'll be as high end as what we saw at the start of the month, but a very windy night, and maybe a tough sleeping night for some folks. Tomorrow morning, still windy. They will start to decrease. So a blustery afternoon, but not as strong, as we head toward lunchtime in the second half of the day on Saturday. That being said, red flag warnings are going to stay up for Saturday. We want to be really careful with any flames outdoors.

No burning brush tomorrow. Fires would spread very quickly and very easily. Low humidity will continue to go along with it. And not exactly balmy tomorrow morning. We're back to the typical stuff, in the 20s to low 30s as we start our Saturday. And there'll be a couple of rounds of wind to watch. So we have tonight. Things start to calm down a little bit tomorrow afternoon and in the evening. Sunday morning, the wind starts picking up. And during the day, strong gusts, again, will be making their way on through. And this will be just like tonight.

Some gusts around 50-55 miles per hour are going to be possible. So a really windy Sunday. Even though we have a lot of sunshine this weekend, completely sunny tomorrow, in the 40s, low to mid 40s for most of the area. And then on Sunday, a touch cooler to the north and west is that colder air will arrive earlier in the day, milder down toward the south coast and the Cape. But both days In the 40s. And we're back to daylight saving time. Saturday night, losing an hour of sleep, yes. What we gain is a brighter evening.

The sunset will be at 6:49 AM as we head towards Sunday night. Although not going to feel like spring. We've had another quick but very sharp cold blast, that's going to arrive here for Sunday night and Monday. In fact, we are still using the wind chill map. It'll feel like the single digits to a little bit below zero late on Sunday night and into Monday morning. So plan on a wintry start to next week, well below the norm. It's brief. Back low 40s on Tuesday and 50s by St. Patrick's Day Wednesday. Looks like no rain until Thursday of next week. Paula and Lisa, back to you

- A dry stretch. Eric, thank you.