WBZ Evening Forecast For March 15

Eric Fisher has your latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

Take a look at some temperatures today.

The cold was in action. About four degrees above the records for the date.

About the same way as records as we were on Friday from the warm ones. Perhaps Friday felt a little nicer to you?

And it's certainly been a very dry stretch.

Two straight weeks without any measurable precipitation in Boston.

Now, the last time that happened in March, which is usually our wettest month of the year, was about 100 years ago, back in 1924.

We did have a brief snow squall yesterday, but it wasn't measurable. And so it doesn't count against the tally.

Temperatures right now, in the 20s to around 30 degrees.

The winds still blowing out there, 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts that will be subsiding as we head past sunset tonight. The Windchill is down in the teens to around 20.

And that Colder air, just for us, right over New England, as the winds calm down we'll have those clear skies. That will be another very chilly evening.

We'll also be watching this Colorado storm, which dumped snow across the Front Range this weekend. One of the all-timers in places like Denver, northward up towards Cheyenne in Wyoming. And eventually, that will get to us late in the day on Thursday. So it will take a little while.

Tonight, we'll fall back into the teens. Clear, cold diminishing wind outside. So the windows will not be rattling as much as the last couple of nights.

So tomorrow morning, almost identical to what we woke up to today. However, we'll get rid of the wind part of the equation. So a little bit easier to take.

We'll see gradually increasing clouds especially tomorrow afternoon. It will take a little edge off the air. High temps will be up around 40 degrees, some 30s for Cape Cod and the islands. Still a bit of a chilly day.

Wednesday, we'll do a bit better in the 40s to the South and actually warmer air North of Boston. As you head toward the Merrimack Valley into New Hampshire, you'll get brighter sunshine, and along with it some milder air. To the South, a better chance of clouds. It'll be a little wave of low pressure that heads off to our South.

Tuesday night into Wednesday, there may be a couple of light rain or snow showers, largely dry. But we could be necked with it. And, at least, there'll be increasing clouds that we have to deal with. Something we haven't had so far this month.

And then we'll start watching that next storm system. So we get the moderating temperatures over the next few days. We start as rain late Thursday, but as that storm departs, one more shot of cold will try to move on then.

So we'll be tracking this Colorado system right across the country, traveling near due East.

Looks like rain will arrive on Thursday evening. As things cool down Thursday night into Friday, we could flip over to a wet snowfall here during the day on Friday. And certainly a very chilly end to the week.

So we'll see how this goes. Of course, if it's during the day that we see the switch to snow it's harder to accumulate. At night it would be simpler.

We have not had any accumulating snow so far this month in Boston. And even Worcester yesterday, the snow squall did not measure any snow. So we'll see if we break that streak.

After Friday, I expect some big changes. And that goes right with the Equinox on Saturday, it looks quite mild, starting on Sunday.

Lisa and David, back to you.